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Professional Developer: Web Developer
This certification requires that one pass the following examinations:

Prerequisite: MCTS: .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications
Exam 70-547: PRO: Designing and Developing Web Applications by Using the Microsoft .NET Framework

Technology Specialist: .NET Framework 2.0 Web Applications
This certification requires that one pass the following examinations:

Exam 70-536: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Application Development Foundation
Exam 70-528: TS: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 - Web-Based Client Development

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A Christmas Carol
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// Software Serial Sample
// Copyright (c) 2012 Dimension Engineering LLC
// See license.txt for license details.

#include <AltSoftSerial.h>
#include <SabertoothSimplified.h>

AltSoftSerial SWSerial; // RX on no pin (unused), TX on pin 9 (to S1).
SabertoothSimplified ST(SWSerial); // Use SWSerial as the serial port.

int motor1Max = 40;
int motor2Max = 30;

void setup()
  pinMode(6, INPUT_PULLUP);
  pinMode(7, INPUT_PULLUP);
  while (!Serial) ; // wait for Arduino Serial Monitor to open

void loop()
  int left;
  int right;
  left = digitalRead(6);
  right = digitalRead(7);
  if ((left > 0) || (right > 0)) {
  } else {
    // Clear for forward motion.
    ST.motor(1, motor1Max);
    ST.motor(2, motor2Max);

void AllStop() {
  ST.motor(1, 0);
  ST.motor(2, 0);

void Collision() {
  ST.motor(1, -70);
  ST.motor(2, -50);

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