During Obama's first press release he said that even though we are in tough economic times, he would not push policy because, "the United States only has one President at a time".

Well, I guess the economy is just way to bad, because now he is pushing policy and having the Bush administration run all decisions by his team.  On top of that, he wants Congress to have a bill for him by his inauguration.

I am fine with the presumptive President-elect pushing policy, but don't get up and say that you won't, and the go ahead and do it.

What?  Has our economic situation changed so much in the last two weeks that Obama goes from "one President at a time", to we need to make decisions now?

No, he is just playing with us.  Telling us one thing and then doing something else.  He never intended on keeping his word on this.
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So much for "change", and a new way of doing things.  Obama continues to fill his cabinet with ex-Clinton advisors.

How can you change when your closest advisors advocate the same old?  Has he selected any fresh, bright, clean people?  I don't see them.
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Why do they keep referring to Obama as President-elect?  He isn't.  I guess the actual meaning of words don't matter any more.  A person doesn't become President-elect until the Electoral College votes for him/her.

It is as simple as that.  They haven't elected Obama, so he isn't the President-elect.  This only matters to people who care about the constitution and our state-based form of government.  The populus does not directly elect a president.  They elect electors in each state.  The states then vote for the president (based on the popular vote).

If, God forbid, Obama were to die before the electoral college met, they could choose anyone they want.  If he dies after, but before his inauguration, then the Vice President-elect becomes the President-elect, and there would never be a "President Obama".

I don't remember the media immediately referring to Bush as President-elect.  They didn't even do so after the Electoral College met because they said it was a sham (because the Supreme Court in Florida called the election).  In fact, they still have a hard time referring to him as "President Bush".  It is usually just "Mr. Bush".

Lets see how often they refer to Obama as simply "Mr. Obama".
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I don't even know what to say.
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I am hearing extensive soundbytes of Obama's infomercial.  All the stories with "regular Americans" are sob stories.  Where are the stories about people who are getting out there and making the best of our situation?

No, it is a bunch of people going through tough times, and Obama wants the government to help them.

His extended family is living in slums and huts, and he tries to convince us that *we* are bad for letting people go without arthritis medicine.

Obama should pull his big, fat wallet out and do something... show some leadership!

Also, notice that his tax cut threshold has dropped to $200,000.
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Here is Obama's attempt to counter-attack with a joke: "They found out that I shared my peanut butter sandwich with a kid when I was in fourth grade.  That makes me a redistributionist."

Someone sharing something is not socialism, that is philanthropy.  This whole joke is a strawman, but I doubt the public will think about it that closely.  Philanthropy is not what he wants... he doesn't want to share (you don't see him sharing his vast campaign fund).  He wants to take from those who have, and give it to those who have not.

Socialism would be more like him taking another kid's sandwich, cutting it in thirds, then giving 1/3 to the kid without a sandwich, keeping 1/3 for himself (for the trouble), and letting the first kid keep the remaining 1/3.

Sure, it doesn't make such a good joke, but it would be closer to the truth.
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I was recently asked to fact-check a rumor that Obama helped get a Kenyan president elected.  This president indicated that if he was elected, he would re-write the constitution to incorporate Sharia law.  I cannot tell if it is totally true or not, but his is what I found:

1) The Kenyan leader's name is Raila Odinga, he claims to be Christian.

2) This leader signed a "Memorandum of Understanding" which says that Islam is the only true religion, and that if elected as president of Kenya, he would re-write the constitution to incorporate Sharia law.  He did this so that Muslim leaders would endorse him.

3) Financial statements indicate that "Friends of Senator BO" donated nearly $1 million to his campaign (note that the numbers are in Kenyan shilings, not dollars).

4) This "Friends of Senator BO" is an organization set up by Obama and certain advisors while Odinga was in the US.

5) Odinga is Obama's cousin: Obama's father is Odinga's maternal uncle.  Some speculate that Obama is helping him because they are technically from the same tribe (the Lou tribe).  Odinga lost the election, and this tribe went on a killing spree, attacking churches and Christians.  It is claimed that zero mosques were attacked.  The attacks ended when the UN/US stepped in and negotiated that he would become Prime Minister, in an attempt to share the office with the man who won. See: (second part, after the ads).

As for Obama actually going over there and campaigning, I am not sure.  He went on a four-country fact-finding trip with a bunch of other people from congress.  That appears legit.

Most of the stuff I find that try to repudiate the claims say that there are no memos (but I linked to them above), or that it is just an attack by a right wing nut (Jerome Corsi of World Net Daily)
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I just heard Barney Frank (of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac is fine fame) on the radio.  We don't need to worry about money, we have plenty of rich people to tax.

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Sorry to keep bringing this up.  Oil prices are tanking, and, check out the dollar against the Euro.  Notice that the dollar is getting more valuable at nearly the same rate as the cost of oil is dropping.

I am telling you, oil prices were high because the dollar was weak... not because of some sort of huge global demand.

I predict that if the dollar reaches $1.20 for a Euro, the price of a barrel of crude oil will drop below $60.  That is between $2.30 and $2.50 per gallon.

If the dollar reaches $1.15 for a Euro, the price of a barrel will drop below $50, which is ~2.20/gallon.  However, we haven't been at $1.15 since November of 2005.  But, we are not that far, the current price is $1.285.

This is based on historical analysis that Wayne did.
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I am replacing the trim around the windows in preparation for painting the outside of my house.

So, I go to my back yard to fix the windows under the second-story bedrooms.  I pull the bottom trim off, and there is nothing behind it.  The chipboard is all rotted out.  I pull some of the siding off, and realize that the entire wall under the window is rotted.

This project is too big for me, so my dad came out on Saturday.  We spent all day pulling half of the siding off, tearing out the plywood, and replacing it all.  I spent a lot of time standing on the ladder with my face pressed agaisnt the wall, trying to nail the siding back in... wow.

Anyway, I now need to check all the windows because I think this damage is in other areas -- pretty much any place where the siding isn't holding on well, there is nothing underneath for the nails to grip to!

And, there is a leak over the master bedroom.  I think the wall under the windows in my office is rotted, and letting water run down.  It only happens when there is wind-driven rain (i.e., during a hurricane), which confirms my theory.
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Running Linux Minut in Microsoft Virtual PC 2007 throws the following error:

An unrecoverable processor error has been encountered.

I did some research, and found this site.  It is discussing Ubuntu, but Linux Minut is based on it, so the fix is the same.

When Linux starts up, it will display a count down.  Press the any key to get a menu.  Press Tab to modify the command line.

Remove the "--" at the end, and add "noreplace-paravirt".

I assume that the problem occurs when initializing the parallel port.

Update.  For PeppermintOS, I also had to add "vga=791" to the command.
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You mean to tell me that none of the following questions were asked?

Abortion (O'bama is for infanticide)
Gun control
Judicial nominations
Radical connections

These questions asked were screened for the purpose of protecting O'bama.

ABC analysist even said afterward, "Wow, I guess Obama's supposed connections to radicals must not be an issue for Americans because there were no questions about it."

What morons!!!  The questions that were asked were what the moderator wanted asked.  You want to tell me that out of "millions of questions submitted via the Internet", not one asked those above questions?

Basically, the moderator had a list of questions that *he* wanted, and just picked from the huge supply of questions to find one that asked it for him.

They made it sound like the audience got to ask their own questions... and I am sure they did.  But, I know that the moderator knew what their questions were and just cherry picked the person.

I have no idea if Tom Borkaw is biased or not.  But to think that these issues are not important to Americans just because it didn't get past his filter is idiotic.
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I am not saying that we have problems.

I am not saying that leftists need a empty suit to do their bidding.

I am not saying that Barak Obama is a Manchurian Candidate.

But I am not, not saying it either.
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You cannot issue a TRUNCATE TABLE tablename on a table which has foreign key constraints (a parent table).  However, using DELETE causes every record (and child record) to be recorded in the transaction log.

On large databases, this can put your transaction log file into the dozens of GBs.

You can break the delete into a series of delete statements, committing the transaction after each deletion.  The transaction log gets big, but not enormous.

DECLARE @mycount bigint
DECLARE @rowsdeleted bigint

SELECT @mycount = COUNT_BIG(*) FROM tablename
SET @mycount = @mycount - 1000
SET @rowsdeleted = 0
PRINT @mycount
SET ROWCOUNT 1000 -- set deletes batch size

WHILE @rowsdeleted <= @mycount
            DELETE FROM tablename
      SET @rowsdeleted = @rowsdeleted + 1000

This is from a Microsoft forum.
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Wachovia is going under, bad mortgages and all.  Wells Fargo decided to buy them.

Do you think that Wells Fargo would be picking up Wachovia (with bad debt) if they think we are on the edge of a financial breakdown/"Great Depression II"?

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My boss pointed out something very interesting today about the bailout plan.

Lets say that one of the mortgages that the govenment bought goes into foreclosure, the government now owns the property.

Federally owned property is wholly exempt from local property taxes.

Lets say that 5% of all the mortgages that the government buys go into foreclosure, that means that 5% of the land in affected areas automatically goes off the tax roll.  Local governments will not be happy about that significant loss of taxable value.

One of our smaller counties has a total taxable value of nearly 1 billion dollars.  Assume that the millage rate is something like $15 (very low) and you are talking about 15 million dollars in tax revenue, shave 5% off and you lose nearly 1 million dollars.  That is a lot of county jobs.

This is on just one of our smallest counties.  Imagine a larger county which has a taxable value of hundreds of billions.
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I am so sick of hearing people call Sarah Palin a "hockey mom".  

She is the governor of Alaska, its the largest state in the country, maybe you have heard of it?
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The Chinese are about to launch a manned spacecraft, and conduct a spacewalk.

They must have known exactly what was going to happen ahead of time because they posted a *detailed* news story two days early.

Not only does it contain a chronology of events, but even included excerpts from the conversation between mission control and the astronauts.  Also, they quote things like: "The firm voice of the controller broke the silence of the whole ship. 'Now, the target is captured 12 seconds ahead of the predicted time ...'"

What in the world are they thinking?  It is pretty clear that this is propaganda written by the Chinese govenment.  This shows that there really is no way for us to know what is actually going on.  The only official news source in China is just making stuff up.  That "12 seconds ahead of predicted time" is really telling.  That is just some made up "fact".

How are the Chinese going to take true pride in their country if they don't even know if what they are proud of is true?  It is going to be a rude awakening when the public sees this stuff often enough.

I bet that even if the rocket didn't launch, they would still have printed this, and kept it up with more news stories about the spacewalk, and the landing... totally made up.

This is like a true version of the Apollo moon landing hoax.
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If you install the Express version of Visual Studio, it will install the Express version of Sql Server 2008.  However, it does not come with the Management Studio, which means you have to do your DBA work in Visual Studio... very annoying.

There is a version which has SSMS, but you have to download it separately.  From the size, it looks like the full installation, even more annoying.

Either way, here is the link:
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Matt Damon wants to know if Sarah Palin believes that dinosaurs were around 4,000 years ago.  He wants to know because she will have the nuclear codes, and her beliefs scare him.

You might ask, "Why would someone's belief on the timeline of the world have any bearing on being a VP?".

Here is why it is an important to him: he is among the people who think that Christians (the more right, the worse) have a mental disorder.  For him, such beliefs can only be held if there is something wrong with a person, and that person shouldn't have access to the nuclear codes.

For one, nobody believes that dinosaurs were around 4,000 years ago.  That would put them here in recorded history.  This is just a red herring (which you should cut a tree down with, btw).

Second, there really are scientists who believe the Earth is young, on order of a few tens-of-thousands of years.

Third, just because someone believes something that is incredible to you does not mean they are crazy.  I don't think Matt Damon is crazy because he thinks Christians have a mental disorder, I think he is a moron, and there is a difference.

And last, his views are not that common.  Most non-Christians see Christianity (and traditional religion) as an emotion crutch that was historically useful but unnecessary now.

If Matt Damon has such a problem with Sarah Palin's lack of experience, he should look at Obama.
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Spore is a game in which you start off as a cell and grow and reproduce to become a civilization.  I haven't played it, but I have read some reviews, and it sounds fun.

One thing that I find funny is the "evolution" component to it.  It has been hyped as using evolutionary processes to bring about the plot.

This evolutionary component goes like this: As you eat other creatures, you gain acess to attributes that can be used to customize the cell.  You have a "DNA budget" which you spend.  Some customizations help you attack, others defend, and others eat more.  They all have pros and cons (you can eat a lot, but are defenseless, so you get eaten).  The environment drives the customizations (if you are in an area with lots of defenseless creatures, develop a bigger mouth to eat more).

This is not evolution at all.  Behind it all, there is a mind, attempting to make intelligent decisions about the design of the creature.

This is what is funny: they call something evolution, but then deliver creation.
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The people who are going to vote for McCain/Palin because Palin is a women are as bad as those who were going to vote for Hilary Clinton because she is a woman.

I am not voting for McCain because he is a man, that would be sexist.  I am voting for him because he is not Obama.

"Anyone but Obama."
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Google has released its own web browser.  It is called Google Chrome.

This browser is very fast and its UI is sleek.  I like it.  It appears to render websites just like IE, which is nice.  I haven't seen a sight yet that has messed up.  It also renders the Acid2 test properly.

Actually, IE8 messes up more than Chrome does, but to be fair, it is still in beta... then again, Chrome is beta (and always will be).
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Remember I posted eariler about oil prices?  Remember I said it was due to the falling value of the dollar, not because of speculators, or war, or hurricanes?

Well, the price of oil started dropping in early August.  The analysts give a bunch of reasons about stability in Iran, other contries using less, and so on.

Well, check out the value of the dollar against the euro.  See when the price starts to drop (which is a good thing)?  Yes, right around the beginning of August.

I am telling you, the prices of oil have nothing to do with supply and demand (in this case), it has to do with the loss of value of the US dollar.

We are being anesthetized.  They keep telling us that oil is the problem and we need to 1) drill our way out, 2) use less, or whatever.  They are keeping focus on oil because of political agendas.  It iis not the problem, the weak dollar is, and we are not being told that.
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I have always said that, for all their talk about equality, the Democratic party would not nominate a VP (or President for that matter) who is a woman.

Well, looks like I was right.  The Republican party will be selecting the female governor of Alaska to be VP.

I think that a woman could make a great VP.  I will say right now though, I don't think a woman should be President.  And for that reason, she shouldn't be VP.  The primary role of the VP is to take over if the President can no longer serve.
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Well, the GDP is still growing.  NPR and the mainstream media have been chomping at the bit to get this recession started (actually, they called it early this year).  Well, they will have to wait at least another 6 months.

Remember, a recession is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth.

So much for the self-fulfilling prophecy (which is essentially what they have been attempting).  Telling us that the economy is garbage and everyone should blame Bush, Cheney, and Haliburton.

It is obvious that they were telling everyone that a recession was coming so they would act as if a recession is coming (save money, etc), which would have caused a recession (the economy slows when people save instead of spend).
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Since IE8 Beta 1 was so lame, I uninstalled it a few hours after I installed it.  I decided to wait for Beta 2.

Well, it is out now.

Levy County's GIS site still doesn't behave perfectly (no zoom box), but at least it works now.

They added a bunch of things which I don't care about, but I disabled them.  From what I have read, its Javascript interpreter is much faster, but I haven't noticed yet.

The tabs look different, I think they are Vista themed.  I wish they would leave them alone (so they match the rest of XP).
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In an attempt to save $25/month, we have cancelled our land line.  We have wanted to for years, but never have "just in case".  Well, the only thing we use it for is to receive telemarketing calls from politicians, which we don't want anyway.

So, we are purely mobile now.  It feels great.

Next stop, cancelling the cable now that we have DTV and have used it for about a week.
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As everyone probably knows, February 19, 2009, will be the end of analog television broadcasts.

Amanda and I have cable because, even with an antenna, we barely get ABC (channel 9), and no others.

Well, we decided to see if we could save money by going digital and cancelling cable.  Turns out, it works.  We get crystal clear television for all the channels we watch (ABC, CW, ION, my65, that is pretty much it).  We also get CBS, and a bunch of public broadcasting channels.  80% of our TV watching is movies anyway, so it isn't a big deal that we get so few.

It isn't that hard, just get a $40 coupon, go to walmart and buy the $50 converter, so you get that for $10.  If you don't have an aerial antenna, pick up an antenna while you are at it.  We got the mid-level $30 antenna, we couldn't get the cheap one because the analog channels don't even come in (and you cannot get snow with digital, either you get a perfect image, or you get nothing).

Hook the antenna to the the converter and the converter to to the DVD/VCR/TV, and scan for the channels.  That is all.

Pro: Perfect image, even if it would normally come in poorly.

Pro: Save money on cable.

Pro: More channels, each station can cut up their bandwidth to broadcast multiple channels, so you might have a newscast on 9.1, but have a continual weather loop on 9.2.  Some channels have totally different programs on the sub-channels.

Pro: Program information is displayed (good when a movie is on and they never tell you what it is).

Con: If you don't have a good enough signal, you won't see anything.

Con: It takes about a second for the video to buffer, so channel surfing is much slower (it's like satellite).

Con: You cannot use your TV remote to change channels (it is always on channel 3), so you have to have yet another remote to control the DTV converter box.
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Obama said that it would defy common sense to vote against a federal bill protecting a survior of a botched abortion.  He said that he would have voted for it (he wasn't in the US Sentate at the time, so it is just hypothetical talk, like him saying he wouldn't have voted for the War).

But then it was pointed out that he voted "no" on a state bill that would have explictly provided this protection.  His response was that the state bill was different from the federal bill.

The latest news is that the state bill was essentially identical to the federal bill, and his campain has acknowledge this.

So, I think it is safe to say that he supports infanticide because he had a chance to stop it, and voted no.
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Today is my birthday.

I don't know what Amanda has gotten me, but this is what I have gotten so far: Calvin and Hobbes book, Solaworm, gift card to GameStop (so I can get Mario Kart), and Amanda made me some amazing chocolate-peanut butter cookies.
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My wife, and her parents, and I went "cabining" over the weekend.  It is like camping, except you stay in a cabin.  I prefer the real thing, but this is good enough.

We stayed at some amazing cabins at Fanning Springs State Park.  The spring was cool, the Swuannee was cool, and the facility was cool.  The spring was cold actually, but you get the idea.  I took some rope with me, and I estimate the depth to be about 15 feet.  There isn't much of a boil because the water comes out sideways, and there isn't that much flow.  It puts out 54 million gallons a day.  Wekiva, for comparison, puts out about 42 million (out of a smaller hole, so it has a faster current), and Blue Spring puts out 100 million gallons (it has a big hole coming straight up, and has a massive current).

It rained all morning the first day, which was a huge disappointment.  We just sat around reading and playing cards.  I didn't get to cook the eggs over the fire because they would get wet.  If I was really camping, I would have just done it anyway, but it is much easier to simply cook them on the stove :-)

We went canoeing for a bit.  We saw huge Gulf Sturgeon jump out of the water.

Then we went to Manatee Springs, which is larger and much deeper.  It puts out 150 million gallons a day, and it is very fast.  It comes out sideways like Fanning, so I cannot directly compare the pressure to Blue Spring.  I was told that it is 25 feet deep, but I didn't bring my rope, so I don't know.  It took all I had to swim to the bottom and then come back up.

Manatee also has the longest run on the Swuannee, and they have a boardwalk which lets you go along the run (you cannot swim in it).

Anyway, I love springs.  I am glad I got to go at least once during the summer.
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Well, I built a clubhouse/fort for my nieces and nephews.  I made it out of old peices of fence.  Amanda and I built the walls, floor, etc, in the garage as separate components, and then moved them out into the yard and assembled them.  They fit like a glove, or charm, or whatever the cliche is.

It took us like four months to get it together, working a few hours every few weekends.  My hope was that it wouldn't cost me more than $20, but I had to buy miscelleneous metal items like straps, hingles, hooks, as well as the pipe.  So it cost me about $80.  But that is still cheap considering the wood was free.  My goal was to make it entirely out of the fence wood, and I think I pretty much accomlished that.  So we are proud of it.

It has a porch, dutch doors, windows on all the walls.  We built the roof out of pipe and tarp.  It looks so good out in the yard.  The kids like to play in it.  Each of the girls painted the interior walls a different color (orange, purple, teal).  Amanda and I aren't sure if we are going to paint the outside to match the house, or leave it wood colored (which really blends in well amongst the trees).  Our oldest nephew likes to drive his cars on the porch.

Our hope is that as the girls get too old to use it as a clubhouse, the boys will get old enough to use it as a fort.

My biggest concern is what will happen when we have high winds.  During T.S. Fay, I noticed that the seam between the layers of tarp were being blown apart (not like expoded, just a gap being created by the wind).  I can just put duct tape on the seam to prevent that.

But what happens when we get 100MPH winds... does the fort get blown over?  I think I will get a long pole and drive it into the ground, then strap the fort to it.  It might still come apart and send wood shooting at my house, but at least it has a chance of staying on the ground.
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We finished Dumas' Man in the Iron Mask.  This book is the third in the Musketeers trilogy.

My final review: it is dumb, everyone dies.  Ususally, I don't like to give away the ending, but since the book is like 300 years old I don't feel bad.

It is totally different from the movie, pretty much in every respect.  They do try to replace the king, but in a totally different manner.  However, the replacement fails the next morning and the "new" king (Phillipe) is sent to a prison and we never hear about him again.

Porthos, who is involved in the replacement attempt, but doesn't really know it, dies.  Athos dies because his son dies.  Aramis (who pretty much started the downfall) doesn't die.

D'Argtanian doesn't die, but the book has an epilogue, and he dies in that.

There is no heroic glory, they just die.  It is a stupid book.
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The third launch of SpaceX (private spacecraft) was a failure.

What you may not know is that the ashes of James Doohan, who played "Scotty" in the original 'Star Trek' series and several movies, were lost when the launch vehicle failed.
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Creationists claim that there are no fossils in precambrian rock.  This is not true.  There are some, but not many at all.  Evolutionists like to point out that there are fossils in an attempt to undercut the creationist's attack that species appear to evolve *very* rapidly at the Cambrian boundary.

This does not help them that much.  All it really does is push the timeline that much further back.  It begs several questions, which I have never seen answered satisfactorily (at all really).

1) When did life begin?  It seems like everytime we look, it is getting pushed further and further back.

2) The fossils in the Precambrian rock are not simple (even though people would have you think they are); therefore, why don't we see *any* evolutionary steps in them?

3) Even if there were *some* fossils in the Precambrian period, what caused the "explosion" during such a short period (geologically) called the Cambrian period?

And I am always amused when the creationist says there aren't any transition fossils.  Then the evolutionist trots out Archaeopteryx.  You have got to be kidding me.  Billions of years of evolution, creating creatures as complex as man (and fish), and all you have is one lousy example, which isn't even widely supported?!  There should be more transitional fossils than "fixed" fossils.

Where is the fossil of the half-horse/half-"whatever a horse came from"?  Its not like a "whatever the horse came from" had a baby horse... structures, such as bones, body plans, etc, consist of millions of instructions in the genetic code.  According to evolution, those instructions were randomly mutated to create the differences.  They didn't come about in one generation.  So where are the fossils of the intermediate generations?
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Well, I bought a 2004 Oldsmobile Alero from a private seller.  It is in excellent condition (she had like, every receipt from every oil change and maintenance checkup).  It has 51,000 miles.

I guess it is technically a nicer car than the Protege, but it feels like I am driving a rental car, which makes me uncomfortable in general.  I am sure I'll get over it.

I plan on taking the Mazda to CarMax tonight and selling it for whatever they will offer (remember, bad head and no A/C).
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This is not a review.  I exhausted my creative juices writting the ode to my car.  I just wanted to say that we went and saw it over the weekend.  It is creepy.  It is not technically gory; they cut the scene without showing blood or anything... but in some ways that is worse.  You mind has an amazing ability to fill in the gaps (probably in a more detailed way than they could achieve cinematically).

The movie actually feels like two movies.  There is a climax about 1 hour from the end, and they could have wrapped it up there.  But they continued going and so it feels a bit disjointed.

Overall, I guess I like it.  I don't particualary like that I liked it, but I did.

I think it does ask an interesting question.  How do you respond to someone who's only goal is to "watch the world burn"?

The question applies to more than the obvious criminally misanthropic agenda.
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I basically called this code on my car.

var me = Person.GetInstance("Chet"); // Circa 1982.
var myCar = Car.Mazda.GetInstance(vin); // Circa 2000.
myCar.Owner = me; // Circa 2002
myCar.InsertSparkPlug(SPI_MODE.INCORRECTLY); // Circa 2008
me.FixCar(myCar, FIX_TYPE.HELICOIL); // Circa 2008
myCar.GiveToJunkYard_Or_Something(); // TBA (very soon)
myCar.Destroy(); // About 3 days after TBA
myCar = null;

I think the above code makes it abundantely clear.  My car is dead, long live my car.

But, it requires a new head to live... and it won't be getting one.  None of the local junkyards carry it, and a new one is $600 (just the part).  Is it really worth putting $600+ into a car with no A/C, 150,000 miles, bad Mass Airflow Sensor, broken air filter box, oil leak, duct taped air intake tube, partially working CD player, sticky upholstery, stratched paint job, gunked up engine from years of poor maintenance?

Anyway.  I am sad.  I loved that car, it was my second car.  When my parents and I went looking for a "new" car, the first car I test drove was a 2002 Mazda Protege, and I loved it.  Too bad it was about $4000 too much.

We test drove more cars all around central Florida.  They were all bad (compared to the Mazda).

On the second day of looking, we stopped by a Nissan dealer who happened to have a 2000 Mazda Protege (only two years old at the time).  I test drove it, and loved it.  And, it was within my price range.

My mom worked them down to $179/month.  And we drove to Ruby Tuesday to celebrate.

I took up three parking spots.  As we ate (at a window looking at the car), I pressed the alarm button the remote keyless entry, and laughed as people jumped.  I had a real car (note, the VW Fox was not really a car, per se).

I took the car up to Tennesee for CIY, and the rear spoiler saved a girl's wallet (she left it on the trunk in Macon, GA, and it got logded in the spoiler, it was stuck all the way to Atlanta).

During Impact, Amanda put a ribbon in her hair.  We tied the ribbon to the rear-view mirror, and it has been there ever since.  That was in like, 2003.

Amanda and I took our honeymoon in it.  My groomsmen decided to put shoe polish on the body, and I scratched the paint big time trying to get it off.

I rear ended someone who was sitting in a long line at a light.  I looked up, and didn't see their brake lights on (because they were slowing rolling), so I didn't slow down.  I looked down to adjust the radio, I looked back up when I was about 5 feet away.  I was going at less than 30 miles per hour.  Even though I slammed my brakes, there just wasn't enough distance.  Their SUV tore up the front end of my car.  Their vehicle was hardly damaged.

A guy from work left a soda can in the back seat.  It exploded (due to the heat), and came back to my car with the inside totally covered in sticky soda.  The reach was amazing.  It wasn't localized to the backseat, it was absolutely everywhere.

The A/C failed about two years ago.  It failed at the end of summer, so there wasn't a pressing need to fix it.  The next summer came, and money was too tight for me to spend the $1000+ to fix it.  I went through summer, got some money, and then (since summer was over again) I decided not to fix it until summer approached.  Well, summer came again this year (right around April), and I said I should fix it.  But I didn't get around to it (I just didn't want to spend the money).  Finally, Amanda and I agreed to stop thinking about fixing it... that is to say, just settle on not fixing it.  I would rather have a new TV than fix the A/C in an 8 year old car.

I am sad to say that I didn't quite reach 150,000 miles.  I was only a few days away.  I put ~70 miles/weekday on it.  I was at a little more than 149,500 miles.  My guess is that I would have had 150,000 at the beginning of this month.

Yes, I lament the loss of my car.  I loved that car.  From the first time I sat in a Protege, I wanted one.  I was proud of it.  No more working around the idiocycracies of the Fox.  This car died before it developed true idiocycracies.  But it was working on them: the mass airflow sensor went out, the spark plug blew, something was wrong with the timing on cylinder #4, the catalytic converter was failing.  It was also leaking oil.

True, this car did not have as much personality as the Fox, but I didn't want personality... or maybe I did.  I am still confused about that.  Whatever it was that I wanted, this car provided it.

They say you slew off about 8 pounds of dead skin cells per year.  I spend about 1/17th of my life in the car (10 hours/week).  I have had the car for 6 years, so that is 48 pounds of dead skin.  Since I spend 1/17th of my time in the car, that means that I have about 3 pounds of my dead skin in the car.  I think that is enough to safely say, "I am a part of that car."  I don't think any of the car is part of me... because that would make me a cyborg, and that is just weird.

Here's to you "2000 Mazda Protege LX w/ 1.6L engine and rear spoiler".  You have served me well these 6 years, even if I didn't service you well.
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I stopped using SharpReader for my rss aggregator.  It hasn't been updated it years.  I love it, but it has some quirks which will never get fixed.

I read that the Omea Reader is the reader of choice for people who liked SharpReader.
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Want to see what a bunch of "smart" people think about the Bible.  Read the interesting Slashdot article about the Codex Sinaiticus going online.

From misunderstanding on what "inspired" means (someone said it has to do with translations), to the incorrect summary saying that it makes no mention of the resurrection (the resurrection is mentioned, just the Book of Mark ends before its resurrection narrative).  The summary also gets the date wrong, saying it is from 4th century BCE, rather than 4th century CE.

This is a great window into the thoughts of people who think they have all the answers, but really have no clue.

It is so strange for me to think that I have a four year degree in theology.  Normally, having that kind of education on a subject would give weight to your comments.  If I were to try arguing with a engineering graduate, they wouldn't listen to me.  So why is it, on Slashdot, my comments on this subject are ridiculed?
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I had all four of my wisdom teeth removed last Friday.  Amanda is taking great care of me.  Make sure, on your checklist of things to do before having your wisdom teeth removed, that you include "get married".  You should also put "get dental insurance".

I sat in the "operating chair", then injected some stuff into my arm and said "this will make your vision blurry".  About 20 seconds later I noticed that it was getting blurry.  Then they injected something else and said, "this will make the room spin."  It did not.  I rested my head back, and after about 5 seconds I was being walked to another room where Amanda was waiting to take me home.

The procedure took about 45 minutes.  But all I remember is putting my head back and then being led into the recovery room.

Amazingly, the sockets haven't caused much pain at all.  The swelling is uncomfortable, but I take Ibuprofen for it.

The right half of my lip is still numb, probably because they rubbed the nerve with the tooth during extraction.  I have bitten into it three times (totally bit into, not like "ouch, I just bit my lip", but like "stick a fork in my thigh").  Even though the lip is numb, there is some feeling in it... and I felt it.

Try shaving some time when you cannot feel the razor.  You have no idea if you are pushing hard enough.

So, most of the pain from my wisdom tooth extraction has nothing to do with the teeth, but rather my now heavily swollen lip, and my tongue -- which got rubbed raw against the gauze.

Anyway, I don't recommend it.

But, on the bright side, it went much better than Amanda's did.  She was nearly unconscious for a week (due to the pain medicine) and did not recover for about three weeks.  Then she got dry socket.  It just wasn't a fun experience.
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Getting Windows Prefetch Cache Back

I stupidly followed all the articles that said deleting the Windows prefetch folder would speed up my computer.

It does not.  The prefetch cache only contains disk layout information for an application, it does not tell Windows XP to "prefetch" those program into memory.

It is used by the application startup code to efficiently load the file image off the disk and into memory.

I deleted the directory, and then decided it was a bad idea.  Everything I read said it would just come back.. but it didn't.  It didn't for weeks.

I have finally figured out what is wrong.  Oddly enough, I could not find anything by doing Google searches.

Anyway, in my HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Dfrg\BootOptimizeFunction, there is an OptimizeComplete value, and a OptimizeError value.  If OptimizeComplete says "No" then the OptimizeError tells you what is wrong (supposedly).  For me, it was a cryptic error saying "Insufficient Resources".  I figured out that there can be a log file attached to the defragmenter (which helps the prefetcher), I enabled the log file and it said "Initialising BootOptimise. Out of memory" and then "BootOptimise region uninitialised (not boot volume?)".

Neither of these errors are accurate, or made sense.  It turns out that Task Scheduler must be enabled for the Prefetch cache to be re-initialized.  I had it disabled because I never use it.  I started it back up, ran rundll32.exe advapi32.dll,ProcessIdleTasks (which runs defrag c: -b), and my prefetch cache came back immediately.  And, the error in the registry went away as well.

Why do they give such meaningless error messages?  Perhaps it is because they don't expect anyone to actually look where I looked (or enable the defrag log, which I found buried in a MS document).

I tell you what, I sure have noticed a speed increase by having the prefetch cache back!
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Amanda and I went to LongHorn last night, courtesy of the federal government.

Mmmm, mmm, love those ribs.

For me, personally, it is great to get this money back.  But, I have two big problems with it.

1) Everyone who paid more than (x) number of dollars in taxes should get (x) back.  Since it is reduced based on income over $75,000, "the rich" don't get back the full $600.  Even if you made $500,000, you should get back the full $600.  To not do so is unfair.

3) If you didn't even pay $600 in taxes, you should not get one cent back.  That, my friends, is redistribution of wealth.
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The chassis of my lawn mower rusted away.  Therefore, the engine was just sitting on top of it.  Not good.

Amazingly, my neighbor had his lawn mower on the side of the road to throw it away.  I asked him if I could have it, and he said sure.  The main bearing was broken, which means the engine wouldn't start.  But that doesn't matter for me because I have a perfectly fine engine.

I lined up the bolts on his chassis with mine, and it was a perfect fit.  All I needed to do is take the bolts (which weren't holding anything now) off, put my engine on his chassis, and then bolt it all back.

But alas, I could not get the rusted bolts off my engine.  Wrenches, vice-grips, hammer, etc, wouldn't work.  I ended up stripping the bolt.

So, that was a waste of time.  I ended up going and buying a new lawn mower (the mower we had was given to us four years ago, so we are still up on the investment).

From what I can tell, I needed to use a 12mm socket to get them off. But, I only have a standard socket set.  I am usually able to use them anyway as long as the bolts are not already damaged.  Using it on these bolts just made the problem worse.
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I am shocked!  CIY does not have a page in Wikipedia.  You would think, with tens of thousands of people attending their event *each year*, someone would have posted a page by now.

On top of that, they have many tech-savvy employees/interns.  This is crazy.

Anyway, I don't have time to write the stub for it right now, but I intend on doing something by the end of the week.
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To the tune of "Favorite Things", this is one of the light hearted videos from CIY: MOVE.
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This must be the month of broken stuff.

Driving home last Thursday, my car starting making a puffing sound.  I pulled off the road and checked out the engine, and couldn't figure it out.  I called my dad, but he was not able to diagnose the sound thought the phone (oddly enough :)).  I hoped it was just related to a pre-existing tear in my air intake hose, but re-applying the duct tape did not fix the problem.  Then I hoped it might be a vacuum leak, but couldn't find any evidence of that.  Then I feared it was an exhaust manifold leak or bad cylinder.

I drove it home (down the Turnpike at 45 MPH).  It sounded like I was driving a lawnmower.  I popped the hood and moved my hand around to feel for air.  There was an emmence amount of air being puffed out of the top (very bad).  I noticed a very clean spot around the 2nd cylinder (where the puffs of air had blown off the grime on the head).

So, I took the coil off and soon found the problem.  The spark plug had been foribly blown out of the head.  All of the threads on the head were gone, and the force of the compressed air had forced the spark plug so far up the coil boot that it tore it.

I have never heard of such a thing, so I started worrying that this would mean a new head or something.  That is hundreds of dollars for the part, and hundreds more for the labor.

Turns out, there is a procedure which involves drilling out the hole and installing a "Helicoil", which essentially snaps into the larger hole and provides threads for the spark plug (I know about the concept of drilling and tapping, but that is not an option for the head because it needs to have the same size spark plug).

The mechanic finished the same day.  Wow.  And it only cost $200, which is way cheaper than a new head.
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I was checking the revision history of FCC's wiki entry.  Guess what, I am the original creator.  The IP address of the first entry is which is the IP of my old employer.

Anyway, I think I will clean it up some.

I am pretty sure I spelled the greek motto wrong, but is close enough.  Hopefully someone will fix it: Δυνατός ων εν ταις Γραφαις.

My IP address is
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We bought Sonic and the Secret Rings on Thursday in anticipation of the long weekend.

The game is alright, it isn't great.  It is fun though.  A few complaints: whoever created the menu system UI should be fired.  It is like nobody did a final review of the navigation.  The function of the (1) and (2) buttons changes throughout the game -- usually (2) is "OK" or "Confirm", but there are a few places where (1) becomes confirm and (2) is "Back".  Very annoying.

Also, there is a "party mode", which lets you play with up to four players.  The games are nothing spectacular.  The annoying thing is that if you don't have four players, the computer fills in the spots, some of the games are based on memory... and playing against the computer is not that fun (if you get what I mean).

Also, after looking at the graphics and the menu system, I honestly thought that it was just a port of a older Sega game, just modified for the Wii.  Rather than pointing at the screen to select game options, you have to use the D-pad.  But, according to the Wikipedia page, this game was developed specifically for the Wii.  Someone needs to go talk to the company that developed Metroid Prime 3, or Zelda.

I don't recommend this game.  Rent it for a weekend, but don't buy it.
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I got home from CIY to find my garage door opener broken.  Pressing the button just resulted in a grinding noise.

I opened up the opener to find that the worm drive had been messed up (the worm chewed up the worm gear).

I called a garage door repair company, and they said it would cost around $175 to fix it.  I decided to look online to see how much the parts cost and if I could do it myself.

Turns out that this is a common problem, and the parts are available.  I cannot remember where, but I bought the kit for $25.

I spent about 5 hours Friday morning tearing apart the opener.  It took about 1 hour to get it all unhooked and apart.  I replaced the worm gear in about 1 hour.  The worm itself is attached to the motor, which was a much more complicated repair process.  I was going to just leave the existing gear (since it was fine), but I read that if you don't change both then they won't meld correctly, and it will just eat the new one.

So, I spent another two to three hours getting that stupid thing out (I don't have a hex wrench set, so I spent around 45 minutes just thinking about how to get around that minor problem.  I ended up asking my neighbor if I could borrow his).  I really need to get a set.

Then I put it all back together, but the chain was all tangled (ever had to untangle 30 feet of chain while standing on a ladder?  Didn't think so.), so that took me another hour.  Just as I was finishing up, we had to leave to see Wall-E (which was very good), so I didn't finish it until Saturday.

So, I saved $150, but it cost be about 6 hours of time.  But, I think that it was worth it.  Now I should use my new talent and start doing garage door opener repair.
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Mandy and I just finished The Three Musketeers by Dumas.  It was very good, and I recommend it.

We are starting on The Man in the Iron Mask, which is actually part three of the Musketeer trilogy (separated by Twenty Years After -- which we haven't read, and don't plan on reading).
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I installed CDBurnerXP on my machine, and then I noticed a new program in Task Manager: NMSAccessU.exe.  It was running under SYSTEM, so I know I didn't start it.

Turns out that it is a system service installed by CDBurnerXP, which provides CD/DVD access for any user under NT/XP/2000 regardless of Security Policies.

It is for machines which are locked down by Administrators, but whose Administrators want to allow CD burning (only an Administrator can install it, so it isn't a hack).

Anyway, I have no need for this.  To remove it, simply stop the service (from the Services MMC under Administrative Tools), and then go to the installation directory.  Mine was C:\Program Files\CDBurnerXP\.  Run the following:

NMSAccessU.exe -remove
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Mandy and I decided to join AAA this year.  It cost somewhere around $65/year.  We have already used the lockout service twice, which means it has more than paid for itself.

Josh locked himself out of the church van (with it running) on our way up to CIY.  And I just locked myself out this morning.

It would cost at least $70 to have a locksmith come out.  That means I have saved $5 personally, and a bunch for the church (it was on a Sunday, I am sure that would have cost more than $70).

Anyway, I am in the wrong business.  Occasionally, I do computer consultation for $65/70 an hour, and I spend the full hour.  These guys get paid roughly that amount, and it takes them all of 30 seconds.
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"Resession" is a technical term.  It is defined as: "a recession occurs when real growth is negative for two or more successive quarters of a year".  The US defines it a little more clearly, but it is much more technical.  The main point, though, is that it is a significant decline in economic activity for an extended period of time.  It cannot be a few months, it has to be more like six.

Funny thing is, you *cannot* know you are in a recession until you are in it for months.  They didn't announce the recession that started in March 2001 until late November 2001... at which point we were heading out of it.

NPR has been reporting for the past six months that we were already in a recession, or that one was looming.  That is interesting since we didn't even know about the last one until we were in it seven months!

Sure, NPR is really just a regurgitation of major news outlets.  Many of their stories are from the New York Times.  But I think this is part of a systematic attempt to undermine any hope in the future.  Since we generally peg the blame for a poor economy on the President, this is good for them to do just before the election.

It also helps push massive government spending... like this insane "economic stimulius package".  Give me a break.

Anyway, I ask, where is this recession?  If we had really been in a recession when NPR started saying we were in one, we would probably know it by now.  Rather, unemployement is low (it has risen some, but it is still very low), sales are high (but that is because so much of it is on credit), and the GDP continues to experience growth.
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If the Federal Reserve increases the interest rate, I predict that the price of oil will fall.  The more they increase it, the more it will fall.

This prediction is based on my hypothesis that the low value of the dollar is causing high oil prices.

In other news, I heard a guy on NPR that I actually agree with.  Then I found out that he is the Financial Editor for the Wall Street Journal (which I hear is mostly conservative).
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You keep using that word, I do not thinks it means what you think it means.
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I just heard on Rush Limbaugh's show that today is D-Day.  I didn't know that, and it is insane that, as much as I listen to the radio, that I didn't hear it sooner.

425,000 men died during the invasion of Normandy, nearly half were Allied troops.

Compare that to the ~4,000 deaths in Iraq.  Wow, what a loss of life, and that was just one battle!

Now, move over to Japan.  Imaging that we had to invade there rather than drop "the bomb".  Millions of lives would have been lost.  Remember that when someone scorns Americans for dropping them.
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Nuf said.
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Police officer told two preachers, who were handing out brochures in a Muslim neighborhood, that they were committing a hate crime by trying to convert people from Islam.  He also said that if they come back and get beat up, that they were warned.

Article in the Telegraph

Do I need to give commentary?  I didn't think so.
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I am working on a Greasemonkey script to collect and aggregate data from the Urban Dead online game.

Currently, all data is manually collected and aggregated on the wiki site.  I hope this script will greatly reduce the amount of work needed to keep people up to date.

I will post a link to it after it is finished beta testing.  I am recruiting people to test it, if you are interested, please contact me via my contact form.
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It is a little known secret that the value of oil IS NOT RISING.  I actually wish it were, that would be better news than the actual news.

The price is rising in US dollars... because the US dollar is loosing value.  Every day when you hear reports that oil has hit a record high, that isn't the story.  Those days, the dollar hits a low... *that* is the story.  The dollar cannot buy as much oil, so the cost of oil goes up relative to the value of the dollar.

The price of oil is not rising much at all when compared to the EURO, this is because oil is not gaining value.  If oil really were becoming more valuable (as a commodity), then it would be more expensive to buy in any currency... but it isn't.

Here is a chart that shows that oil, gold, and the euro, all track at a consistant rate.  The dollar, on the other hand, is almost inversely proportional to all of them:

As far as I can tell, all the reasons you hear on the news for why oil jumps day to day (things like, "Oil prices hit a new high amid worries about Iran/Turkey relations.") are all garbage.  Oil prices are tracking inversely with the dollar and don't appear to be affected by world events.  On the same day, the dollor hits a record low, the euro a record high, and oil a record high, but the news reports some crazy reason why oil rose.

Why is this important?  Because American's are loosing buying power on all goods.  A dollar just doesn't buy as much as it used to in the global economy.  It has lower "value" (value is a technical term). This goes for things you wouldn't even think about, like interest rates.

The fact that we are being mislead into thinking oil is skyrocketing has a few consequences:

1) We think we need to conserve fuel to reduce demand for oil (thereby reducing price, this is economics 101).  However, since it isn't high demand that is causing the high prices, reducing demand won't fix the problem that much.

2) We think that asking OPEC to produce more will help (increase supply, which reduces the price).  However, since it isn't low supply, this won't help much either.

Now, tapping a local supply will help because then there is no monetary conversion, so it really would lower the price.

Why is the dollar loosing value?  I am not an economist, so I don't know.  I have a guess though: the fed lowering interest rates to "help the mortgage crisis".

Lowering the interest rate helps people with variable rate mortgages.  However, since it costs less to borrow money, the value of money is lessened.

This *is* inflation.  The fed needs to raise interest rate.  That makes money harder to borrow, therefore more scarce, therefore higher in value.

But, our economy is not doing that well, so we need to fake it by keeping interest rates low.  We borrow cheap money to "spur the economy" (read: credit cards, etc).  Since spending (in general) helps the economy, it looks like we are doing well.  But at the end of the day, that was borrowed money, and it will need to be repayed -- at which point people stop non-essential spending.  Drasticly lowered spending will result in a "crash" (I don't know the technical term).

As a nation we are doing this with other countries, which is why you hear about a "trade deficit" between us and China.  We buy Chinese goods on credit... and that credit is often from foreign countries.

Sorry for the rant, I probably could have cleaned it up some.
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SqlClient uses the "@" symbol to indicate a parameter, OracleClient uses the ":" symbol. will not convert it automatically.

So, how do you do it?  Well, it isn't pretty but here is one method:  It only tells you how to get the marker, it is your job to use it.

I don't like that, but it works.
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When I was in high school, one of my favorite phrases was, "You can never make anything foolproof because fools are so ingenious."

Looks like the actual quote is: "A common mistake that people make when trying to design something completely foolproof was to underestimate the ingenuity of complete fools." ~ Douglas Adams

Of course, you only move from fool to expert by breaking a system and reflecting on what you did.

You can substitute "fool" for "a person who doesn't understand the system", or one cup sugar at 17,000 feet.
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One of the interview questions I always ask is, "Which do you prefer, abstract base classes or interfaces?  Are there any problems with interfaces?"

Usually, the person goes on to tell me what each is.  But what I am really after is issues that come with interfaces (hence the second part of the question).

For me, abstract classes are the way to go.  They do not suffer from versioning issues.  That is to say, if I simply add a new method to my interface, I am requiring all developers to implement it (even if they don't use it).  This means they cannot use the "latest" version of a dll unless they modify and recompile their source code.

Here is a Microsoft C# designer's take on it:
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I beat Metroid on the Wii Wednesday night.  Overall, the game is not as hard as I expected.

I am quite disappointed that enhanced weapons does not increase your killing power.  Even at the end of the game, it still takes the same number of shots to kill the creatures that you encounter at the beginning of the game.

New guns enhancements only increase the number of things they can shoot at, not the power of the gun overall.

Also, I was mislead by Hypermode.  My reading indicated that you should use Hypermode sparingly, but in the end I realized that there is no penalty for using it as often as you want.  The only reason not to use it is the insane amount of energy it consumes.

The graphics are amazing, the best I have seen on any game for a Wii (although, Zelda's are amazing too, but in a different way).  This game proves that the Wii is a solid gaming console, and with the Wiimote, can be an incredible platform for first person shooters.

The lack of any kind of multiplayer mode is disappointing... however, since there are so few weapon upgrades, it would probably not be as fun as Halo et al.

It took me ~24 hours to beat it, but it is a lot quicker than Zelda (at ~80 hours).  I could probably beat it again in about 15 hours.
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Cyclone is a generic term for a large mass of rotating air.

The storm that hit "Myanmar, also known as Burma" was Cyclone_Nargis which, from what I can tell, was a Category 4 hurricane (based on a 3-minute wind speed reading, one minute readings indicate Cat 2).

I find it strange that when hurricanes hit places we are always told the strength and name.  With this one, it is only "the cyclone" with no more information.  Not even "tropical cyclone".  There are many types of cyclones, even tornados are cyclones.
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Joe asked me to take a look at the ArtFile.bin file which stores image resources for MacOS X.

I don't have a Mac, so I don't really care, but I figured that I would help "the community".

I have posted my results at  The description and header information were already there.  I cleaned them up and added a bunch more information.

In my opinion, it is harder to describe the header than anything else, so my hat is off to whoever started the Wiki page.
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We built the parts of the fort (clubhouse) in my garage over the last few months.  Saturday, we took the floor and walls outside and set them up.  It looks awesome!!!

I just need to build the door and finish the roof (which is made of tarp).
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I am sure you have heard about the cyclone (hurricane) in Myanmar (formerly Burma).  At least 20,000 dead with another 40,000+ missing.  Our church supports a missionary there.

I just read on Arron Chamber's blog that Judah is safe:

"We are safe by His protection and mercy. At cyclone night, we were frightened alot, it was the worst disaster in histroy in Myanmar. Countless lost their homes and over a thousand lives lost their lives.

After four days, the phone starts ringing and I can email you, but electric does not come yet."

Praise the Lord, too bad they aren't letting international relief in.
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Just helping Google along, it needs to associate it with Levy County Property Appraiser.  And the LCPA office.

This is a public service announcement.
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The banana spider is Nephila clavipes (Nephila coming from two greek words: νεν (to spin) and πηιλος (to love), it literally means lover of spinning).  It is mildly venomous to humans, causing only pain and redness at the bite site.

They reform portions of the web daily.  With a tensile strength of 4x109 N/m, each strand of the web exceeds that of steel by a factor of six!

Source: Wikipedia.
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My wife and I worked out how to install shutters on the clubhouse, and went and bought all the hardware we are going to need to finish it.

We also went and saw 10,000 B.C. (which was very clean, but full of mysticism).

We spent Sunday afternoon indoor rock climbing with the youth group.  My arms are sore.

Rock climbing is definitely a sport I could get into.  Jonathan spent 20 minutes getting to the top of a wall that nobody could get even half way up.
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Forget oil futures, looks like it is the time to invest in rice.

The cost of rice has doubled last year.  It is near record highs.

You can see the trend.

I am not entirely sure how you invest in rice (I know it is done, I just don't know the process).  But you could probably talk to your stock broker (if you have one).

I have never personally invested in anything.  But I used to work for a stock promotion company, so I know a thing or two.
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This is from The Alliance for Science: 2007 National High School Essay Contest.

I just read the second essay.  I thought that, since it is from a 12th grader, it would be better.  It was worse.

I cannot believe this passes for 1) good writing, 2) good science writting.  These papers were specifically for AP Biology, not English, yet the informality of the papers amaze me.

This one cites no sources whatsoever, which should get any science paper thrown out.  On top of that, it talks about why her doctor should know about Darwinian evolution.  I think someone should point out to here that very few people buy into Darwin's specific brand anymore.  He was debunked decades ago.  Now we have neo-Darwinism (Darwinism mixed with genetics (which was discovered and studied by creationists)).

Most of her reasons for the doctor knowing evolution really boil down to reasons why her doctor should understand genetics.  They have nothing to do with evolution -- things like, sickle-cell amenia preventing malaria, and HIV virus "evolving", and studing generational inherited diseases.  None of these things require evolution to explain them... they require genetics.  And I am pretty sure her doctor studies that.

I particularlly liked, "Some creationists argue that each time a mutation occurs information is lost, but this argument does not hold against evidence. The classic example is that of HIV and the “cocktail” drugs used to treat it. When a single drug was used for treatment, the virus would multiply so quickly and mutate that it would become resistant to the new drug very quickly. Information was not ‘lost,’ but rather manipulated by the virus to create an adaptation. The only way to combat the effects of the virus is to use a variety of drugs so that the virus cannot adapt as easily to the numerous drugs attacking it."

Someone should tell her that (as far as I have heard) the virus 1) never changed into a different type of virus, 2) did not become more advanced.

It is not against the Intelligent Design rules for an organism's genetic structure to change... just that changes do not cause the organism to jump to a different kind of organism altogether.  This all presupposes that the genetic structure did, in fact, change.  From what I understand, there was already a smaller sub-population of HIV that had this mutation (allowing it to survive the drugs), and when the non-resistant strains died the ratio of the "mutated" HIV became higher.  The virus did not mutate *in response* to its environment.  The viruses that were resistant did not change, they just became more abundant.

Either way, I think information was lost... namly, the information for how to create itself in the original way.  It is "heady" I know, but I think we can expect our students to understand this.
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I haven't seen the movie yet, am I am not posting to talk about it.

I am posting to shed some light on a website dedicated to countering Expelled's claims.  Some of there rebuttals may be valid (they appear to be mostly ad-homenim attacks), but at least one is a sham.

Rebuttal of Michael Egnor.

From what I gather, MIchael Egnor is a physican who told high schoolers that the study of evolution is not required/important for typical medical practice -- that is to say, your family doctor is not handicapped by not studying it.  This is something that I have figured for a long time, but I am not a doctor.  I have never heard my doctor say explain anything in evolutionary terms, but that is just me.

Anyway, this "rebuttal" is consists of another doctor saying that Michael Egnor was out of line, not because his argument is wrong, but because: evolution is prevailing theory among scientists, and therefore if you disagree you are, ipso facto, wrong.

They defined him as wrong because they defined evolution as correct.  That doesn't sound like science to me.

And to make matters worse, this website posts a bunch of high schooler essays about "why my doctor should know about evolution".  As if their *opinions* matter.

This reference is actually a good thing though, it shows just how much dogma teachers are shoving down the kids throats these days.  The first essay (which was the national winner) was a collection of mis-truths, put downs (talking about creationists hijacking the term "microevolution", I don't think that has a place in a scholarly essay), and unsubstantiated facts.  I particularly liked the opening argument, "Evolution is so ingrained in medicine that every doctor should have studied it."  Wow.  Now that would be a topic worth investigating.  But it is just taken as truth at the beginning of the paper and not supported in the document.

Maybe I am just expecting too much because I was always required to... you know... cite sources, and point to relevant evidence, and all the other stuff they teach at bible college.
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Ever since I started taking phenylephrine instead of pseudoephedrine, I have noticed that it barely works.  I figured that it was just me (medicines don't affect everyone in the same way, my wife is unmoved by Benadryl).  But it looks like UF researches have concluded that phenylephrine may be no more effective than a placebo.

As anecdotal evidence: I had terrible sinus problems a few weeks ago, I kept taking medicine with phenylephrine, but it just wasn't helping.  So, I went to Publix and got a generic nasal decongestant with pseudoephedrine, and I was cleared up within the hour.

For me, it is worth the trouble of asking the pharmacist for pseudoephedrine.

Mandy found a cheap bottle of pseudoephedrine with over 100 pills at Costco, so she got that. It works great; I should be good to go for several years.  However, the pills don't contain acetaminophen (like most nasal decongestants), so I have to take it separately.
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Mandy and I went to Texas last week to visit some of her family.  It takes about 18 hours to drive it (taking Ι-10).  We stopped at a hotel the first night (which was full of migrant workers who were up honking their horns and breaking beer bottles until after 3:00AM).  We decided to push through on the way home and did it in one day.

Anyway, it was great fun.  They own a cattle ranch and I helped a bit (building a fence and moving equipment).  I got to use an acetylene torch and ride a horse.

We brought the Wii as well, and that was interesting.  Amanda's grandma set the overall high score for bowling the Wii, she throws straight as an arrow.

My wife's cousin opened a Quiznos as few months ago, so we went and ate there.  We also ate at the local BBQ and steak places.

It is funny because the default speed limit outside a municipality is 70MPH.  So, even though the nearest cities are dozens of miles away, it only takes about 30-45 minutes to get to them.

One very fun thing was the "safari" which is like a giant petting zoo.  You drive your truck though it and feed the animals.  There were goats, deer, buffalo, pigs, zebras, llamas, and a whole bunch of other animals.

We also went hunting on their property after dark.  They have to kill the hogs because they tear up the grass (and when your business is feeding cows, you don't want things eating the grass), and coyotes because they kill cows.  There are deer as well, but they don't shoot them because they are not a bother (my cousin will, but my uncle doesn't).  Also, interestingly enough, it is actually illegal to kill a deer after dark.

East Texas is nothing like what you picture when you think of Texas.  It is actually more like Florida, full of pastures and pine forests (but no palm trees), it isn't until you get into west or south Texas that you get tumbleweed and desert.
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College Press has released this multi-volume set of Bible Studio Textbooks for free.  They don't want to go though the cost of a re-print, so they just released the PDF files.

It is about 1.35GB of PDF files, have fun with that one.  They didn't compress well either, so it is going to be large even if it is zipped up (1.35GB on max compression).

Based on the pages per megabyte, I roughly estimate it at 33,000 pages total.

Obtain it now.
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What happens if you take Garfield out of Garfield?
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Mandy and I went to the Cape last night to watch the 2:28 AM launch of Endeavor.  I haven't seen a night launch on the coast in years, but I have seen them, and they are amazing.  The entire sky lights up as if the sun were up.  It is kinda wierd to see one half of the sky completely lit, and turn around to pitch darkness.

It was a great night for it, just a little cold and not much of a breeze (on the beach)... except for the cloud cover.

The shuttle launched right on time, we saw the sky light up, we saw it rise over the buildings, then we saw it enter the cloud and go dark.  So much for the amazing night-launch.

At least we can be grateful that it launched at all.  It is scrubbed so often that we rarely consider going to watch it.

Got back at 4:15 in the morning and went to bed. :-)
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Well, it looks good, and works alright.  There appear to be a few rendering issues on my GIS mapping sites.

Also, accessing the "rows" property on a table object in JavaScript throws an odd "Unexpected call to method or property access."  I have seen this before in IE5.  I don't know the actual problem, nor do I see a way around it.  I hope that this is simply a bug or un-finished aspect of the engine.

All said, it is a step up from IE7, but it isn't a leap.  It is still behind Firefox.  For example, FF has spellchecking inside the textarea boxes, this version of IE doesn't.  Not to say that they cannot add more features, but new features usually don't come in the betas, just bug fixes.

Also, the Internet Explorer Developer Toolbar is not supported... but that is ok because pressing Shift+F12 will bring up an equivilant screen.  They say right out that it doesn't have the same functionality, but it looks like they intend to build a Firebug-like Add-in, that would be amazing.

I am probably going to uninstall this and go back, wait for Beta 2.

Oh, and it does pass the Acid2 test right out of the box.
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In case you haven't heard (and it doesn't appear to be a big news event), IE8 Beta 1 has been released.  I am installing it now.

This will be the most standards-compliant version of IE ever, and I look forward to it... as long as it doesn't break my sites :-)

It is also supposed to pass the ACID2 test.
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Richard Dawkins said that most Christians believe that the Earth is only 6000 years old... and that it is from the Bible.

Nobody I know believes this... and I have never read a case for this (other than the original calculation, which was several hundred years ago).

That being said, most people do think it is less than 10,000 years old.  But that is not 6,000, and it isn't from the Bible.

Listen to the interview (which hasn't aired yet, but is online).  It sounds like it is just an interview to get his new book noticed.  Oh well.

Perhaps it isn't the environment for it, but I noticed that he gives very little evidence for what he says.  There are lots of unsupported claims and killing of strawmen.  It is pretty much just an opportunity for him to talk about what he believes rather than why/how.  It would have been better as a debate.

I always love when atheists say that we "invoke" God to explain things that we don't understand... like alchemists in medieval times.  Someone should tell him that there are real scientists who have no problem reconciling this issue, he should at least listen to them.
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I use Cleartype, and I love it.  Not only does it anti-alias the text, it can also make it bolder and much easier to read.

Now, every once in a while I will notice a graphic problem, which, after further research, ends up requiring updated graphic drivers.  When I install the drivers, it looks like Cleartype is disabled... but it isn't.  The text is still anti-aliased, but it is no longer bold.  It is thin and hard to read (for me, because I am used to it being bolder).

It is so hard for me to read that I usually end up uninstalling the drivers and just living with the original graphic problem.

Well, I have been using SSIS (Sql Server Integration Services) for doing my data loads.  Often, the borders around the tasks will disappear, which makes it hard to use.  I could live with it, but it isn't right.  Turns out that I needed to update my graphics.  So I did... and Cleartype went thin on me again.

Since I need to have SSIS working, I was just going to suck it up with Cleartype.  But I searched the web and found out that Cleartype is more than a boolean switch... there are contrast settings which can only be modified in an "advanced mode".  The Microsoft Typography site has a page which allows you to modify those settings.

So, I went there and used the ClearType Tuner, and "voila!", I get my bolded Cleartype back.

For some reason, Cleartype contrast settings get reset if I use the "DisablePagingExecutive" registry setting discussed here.
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I have had this problem several times in my life.  I cannot drag and drop icons, especially files.  This is really annoying.

It only seems to happen after a lot of memory is used, the shell just starts acting up.

Anyway, I have found that by modifying the registry, you can get the functionality back.


Before, the value was "PSFactorBuffer".  I changed it and the drag and drop started working immediately (no reboot required).
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The DLL file needs to be placed in two folders.  The first is:

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\90\DTS\Tasks

After it it there, install it in the GAC.  To do so, run this command:

gacutil /i filename.dll

Since it is going into the GAC, it needs to be strongly typed.

You do not need to restart the IDE after moving the file into the correct directory.  Just right click the Toolbox and choose "Choose Items..." and click "SSIS Custom Flow Items".

This is for my future reference.
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Did you know the Puerto Rico has a Primary?  They have 14 delegates. Click here for proof.

Also, it looks like a few other American territories do as well.  I don't know why, but this just rubs me the wrong way.

Is there any reason for these places to ever become states?!

Clinton is expecting to win PU's delegates.
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How do you get people to come to church, and keep coming?
A) Tell them they will go to Hell if they don't.
B) Have the worship service be experiential, and don't preach about things that make people feel bad.
C) Offer events for the community to come to so they can see that Christianity is fun and rewarding.
D) Care about the hurting people.  Create programs which help people with issues that they are actually facing.  Invest in people for more than an evening "outreach event".  Provide continuing instruction on how to be a disciple.

I would say the answer is D.  I have been saying this for years.  Why would someone come to church if the church provides nothing that cannot be had from the World?  I think most churches are stuck at C.  They provide opportunities for members to invite non-Christians to an event so they can see that it is not scary.  This *might* lead to a conversion.  But even if it does, why would they stay?

They wouldn't.

The church has got to figure this out.  Discipleship... Discipleship... Discipleship...  I want to go in front of the church and do this, but replace "Developers" with "Discipleship" (and not sweat so much).

I was reading an entry on Arron Chamber's blog.  I saw question #3 and it spurred this post.

"We tried to make each program so effective that church members would find it easy to invite others to come and participate. This included the worship service as well as support groups, sports activities, children’s ministry, etc."

I think the operative word is program (which is why I underlined it).  I am not looking for feel good things (like a Christmas Cantata).  I am looking for ways to get the world to connect to the church *on the church's terms*.  I am not contradicting Paul, I am saying that rather than look to the world for ideas and "re-implement" them, do what the church does: love.

And I am not talking about love like providing food to hungry people (even though we should do that), or going around the local neighborhood telling people the good news (and we should do that too).  I am talking about love like: "You are hurting and we can help, but not help for today, but for years to come.  It won't be easy for you or me, but we can work this out together."

I feel that the church is all for the one-off event.  "Lets go down to BASIC tonight and give food to the homeless."  That is all well and good, and I am not knocking it.  But lets actually invest ourselfs.  Let's say, "Let's create a program where the men in our church will invest in for years and years to help the children of single mothers."  This isn't something you can just put on an event one day a month, this is something you actually need to be involved in.

Maybe the church just needs to care more...
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Today is my wife's birthday.

She never reads my blog, but I'll say happy birthday anyway.
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First Gentleman-to-be Bill Clinton said the other day that we need to slow down our economy to cut greenhouse gasses.

There's a good one.  Especially as we look down the barrel of recession.

Here is a video clip.
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Well it is primary election day.  As mentioned eariler, I am going to vote for Huckabee.

I also intend on voting for the opponent of Donna Hart for mayor of St. Cloud.
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I was listening to NPR this morning, and they had a State of the Union Fact Check.  They gathered their reporters together to cover the different aspects of the speech: economy, healthcare, war, etc.

Well, it was funny.  Because the primary interviewer would say "Lets talk about what Bush said about the economy..." and then quote something he said.  Then the reporter would say something like "Yes and no."  Basically confirming that what Bush said was right and then going on to explain why he is still a moron.

I kept thinking to myself, "I thought this was suppose to be a fact check."  Appearently there was nothing wrong with his facts, so they decided to aire their opinions about the matter.

Nice job there NPR.

You can read an expanded version of what I heard on the radio at NPR: State of the Union Fact Check.  Notice that the "Analyst" rarely disputes what Bush says, but then goes on to explain why it "isn't enough" or is "too late".

Last time I checked, a fact check checks the facts, and that is all.

Also, I find it *very* interesting that hasn't posted anything regarding the State of the Union speech.  This is the kind of thing they would be all over.
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Well, I saved my Christmas money to buy a Wii.  I have been calling places since the beginning on January, and we were finally able to get one.  Amanda picked it up on Thursday, but we didn't get games until Friday night.

We bought Metriod Prime 3 (which is amazing) and Zelda (which is even more amazing).  Played most of the day Saturday and Sunday (mixed in the five-hour version of Pride and Prejustice).

I have to say, I am really impressed with Zelda.

We haven't even used the second controller yet since we have been so busy playing single-player games.
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It's here!!!  You can now step directly into the framework source code while debugging in Visual Studio 2008.
  • .NET Base Class Libraries (including System, System.CodeDom, System.Collections, System.ComponentModel, System.Diagnostics, System.Drawing, System.Globalization, System.IO, System.Net, System.Reflection, System.Runtime, System.Security, System.Text, System.Threading, etc).

  • ASP.NET (System.Web, System.Web.Extensions)

  • Windows Forms (System.Windows.Forms)

  • Windows Presentation Foundation (System.Windows)

  • ADO.NET and XML (System.Data and System.Xml)
This is a big help for .NET developers.  I have been using Reflector for years to view framework decompiled code, and it is an amazing tool.  Now, I will be able to step right into the source code just as if it were my own.  Also, reflector doesn't know the variable *names* which makes it a little harder to decipher, but the source code does.

Unfortunately, it is not available in the Express editions, which is what I use.
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I am trying to learn Silverlight (to stay on the cutting edge).  I am using Microsoft Expression Blend, which is supposed to be the app you use to build these things...  I don't know what MS was thinking!!!  The UI looks nothing like any of their other development tools (it looks like the rest of the "Expression" tools, but this tool is the only one specifically for developers).  I use Visual Studio every day, and moving to this piece of junk is hard.

It isn't just that it looks different (it is grey, which makes it harder to look at for me).  It acts different tool.  Then panels are more like Adobe products (in look and function).  Undo rarely works (and I use that a lot).  It is also slow (not terrible, but response time is obviously slow).

It looks like they combined Flash, Fireworks, Visual Studio, a black marker, and Notepad, together and then put it in a blender and smeared the contents around on the screen.

I have heard that you can build these things in Visual Studio and only use Blend for the actual XAML creation, I am going to look into that.

Btw, XAML is pronounced like camel, except replace the "c" with a "z"... za-mel.
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Do a domain name search on, and have that domain taken.

I went to (not affiliated) and tried to get  It said it was available.  Here is a screenshot:


I went to ( for short) and did the same search.  It said that it is available:


I go back to to buy the domain, it is now taken.


I have attached the WHOIS information to prove that registered the domain:

This Domain is available at
   13681 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
   HERNDON, VA 20171

   Domain Name: SOMERANDOMDOMAIN0123456789.COM

   This Domain is Available - Register it Now!
   600,000 domain names are registered daily!
   Don't delay; there's no guarantee that a domain
   name you see today will still be here tomorrow!
   Register it Now at

   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
      Network Solutions, LLC
      13681 Sunrise Valley Drive, Suite 300
      HERNDON, VA 20171
      1-888-642-9675 fax: 571-434-4620

   Record expires on 08-Jan-2009.
   Record created on 08-Jan-2008.
   Database last updated on 8-Jan-2008 16:04:53 EST.

   Domain servers in listed order:

The domain can still be purchased, but only though  This costs $35/year, rather than $15/year at (and even less at some places).

This is causing an outcry on Slashdot, as it should.
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Oh wow, we are into the second "primary" and she wins and it is labeled a comeback?

There are 48 more to go, its not like she came from behind to win... she lost the first one by a lot, and won the second one marginally.  Where the stink are the numbers!!!  It took me five minutes to find them...  Here they are:

Hillary Clinton with 39% of the vote and an estimated 9 delegates;
Barack Obama with 37% of the vote and an estimated 9 delegates;
John Edwards with 17% of the vote and an estimated 4 delegates.

John McCain with 37% of the vote and an estimated 4 delegates;
Mitt Romney with 32% of the vote and an estimated 3 delegates;
Mike Huckabee with 11% of the vote and an estimated 0 delegates.

So, Clinton won by 8,000 votes, not so much a stunning victory.  Oh well.

Now, I said earlier that I don't like McCain, but his victory is more of a comeback... He way down in the polls (4th or worse) for months leading up to this primary.  For him to win it by 5% (15,000 votes) is a solid victory.  But, I still don't think he is going to win.  He only has 10 delegate votes, as opposed to Romney's 30 and Huckabee's 21.
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I will not vote for Romney because he is a Mormon.  Mormonism is a cult, and having a Mormon president would go very far in legitimizing the religion.  In the end, I need to think about what would best futher the Kingdom of God, and helping a cult loose its "cult" status wouldn't do that.

I am not a bigot, but I am a thinker.

I don't like Huckabee either, and McCain is right out.  So is Giuliani too... where does that leave me.  I guess I will have to hold my nose and vote for Huckabee (soft on crime and illegal immigration, populist, and mildly socialist on redistribution of wealth).
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I have finally leveled up in the Programming for ASP.NET Zone on Expert's Exchange.  With over 150,000 points, I am now a Guru.  In this zone, I am ranked 74th (out of 2700).

Since each question offers a maximum of 2,000 points, that is at least 75 questions answered (but since many of the questions are worth a lot less, it is closer to 150).

JavaScript is a distant second with only 72,889 points.

Overall, I am Wizard rank, with 308,243 points.  That places me 962 out of all the EE members (out of 84,000).
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I am leading everyone in the "Programming for ASP.NET" Zone for the year.  That is cool.

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I had a hard time finding the actual running for the Democrats.  I found them plastered all over for Republicans.

But, just so it is in a convenient place...


Obama: 38%
Edwards: 30%
Clinton: 29%


(93% of precincts reporting)
Huckabee: 34%
Romney: 25%
Thompson: 13%
McCain: 13%

I still don't know who I am going to vote for; I don't like any of them.
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Since Bhutto was killed Hillary Clinton said, "[Musharraf] could be the only person on the ballot. I don't think that's a real election."

Except that Musharraf was actually reelected (president) in October, and the upcoming Pakistani elections are parliamentary, not presidential.

Obviously, this lady has no clue.  Lets see how she gets out of this, probably say that she misunderstood the question.

Source at
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