The news says that people are "pertrurbed" about the lack of hurricances this season.  Here is the reason they gave...  because 2004 and 2005 were so active we have come to expect busy seasons.

That is not correct.  We expected a busy season this year because we were told that.

We aren't stupid... its not like we thing, "oh wow, 2004 and 2005 were busy, so they must be busy from now on."

Now emergency personel are worried that we might become complacent.
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Just heard on Glenn Beck's Moron Trivia:

Q. Name two counties in Europe.
A. Asia, and... umm... England?
R. Sorry, we were looking for England and New Zealand.

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Well, we put the Christmas tree up.  It is fake, but I am fine with that.  Real trees cost an arm and a leg.  We got our fake 7' tree two years ago for like $60.

When we bought our house I wanted a very tall tree, like 12', because we have a high ceiling.  But they are way to expensive... and I don't even care anymore.  I am happy with my 7 foot tree.

For our first Christmas, we lived in a tiny (450 sqft) house so it was impossible to get a regular sized tree.  We bought a 3 or 4 foot tree and put it on the coffee table.
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I just heard on Glenn Beck that a student got a bad grade on a paper because it was against Global Warming.

The teacher wrote on the top, "99.7% of Scientists believe that Global Warming is a fact."

I would have had the teacher site the source for 99.7%.  I thought science was not about making numbers up, but actually having the evidence.  What a moron.

Not to mention that 100% of everyone could *believe* that global warming is a fact, and it could still be completely wrong.  

Concensus is not evidence, facts are.
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Back from the Condo.  The weather was amazing the entire time.  Usually, it is nice on Thanksgiving Day (the day we get there), and then gets cold and rainy until we leave (it starts getting nice as we check-out on Sunday).

This year, it was bright and sunny every day (execpt it rained for a bit on Sunday).

We built a big sand castle too.
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Sometimes I find myself needing to create an empty file from the command line.  There is an easy, unattended, way of doing this:

copy nul filename.ext

That will copy from the "nul" device (vestigial of DOS) into the file.
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Shock: Adult stem cells work.

It has always amazed me that there is a debate regarding embryonic stem cells.  There has not been a single breakthrough with embyronic stem cells, not one.  Meanwhile, we are making leaps and bounds with adult stem cells.

The only reason it is a debate is because the atheistic humanists want it to be.
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Comment and Recomment were in a boat.
Recomment fell out, who was left?
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Hope you stuffed your face.
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During a recent townhall meeting, someone on Clinton's staff had an attendee ask a question about global warming.  You can read the story here.

The person who did this was dyslexic, so they say that rather than helping Clinton with answers, he helped attendees with questions.  "He just misunderstood the job description".  Yeah, that sounds like a reasonable mistake.

Anyway, I love this response by Clinton's staff:  Because of this fact, the source said, any political opponents who "pile on" Sen. Clinton over these issues are actually "piling on the handicapped."

That should probably read: Because we were caught, we are going to throw a handicapped person under the bus.

Also, I just heard an ad on the radio which reminds me of this despair poster.  But instead of power, it is speed.  And instead of rocks, it kills.  Actually, that isn't funny.
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Weather is supposed to be terrible for most of the US starting on Wednesday.

I just checked the 10-day forcast on, looks like it is going to be in the 80s everyday.  It might rain for a bit on Thursday and Friday, but the temp will be high, which means it will probably be just some short showers (completely rainy days only happen during cold fronts).

This is great news!  Except those of you in... you know... the rest of the country.
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While Josh was out of town, we borrowed the youth group's Wii (which he keeps at his house).  Boy, that was fun.

One game looked pretty dumb, so I didn't bother trying it until Saturday.  The game is Boogie.  You make a character dance based on the movement of the WiiMote.  It is very fun.

It took my sister and I a while to get the hang of it, but then we were tearing it up.  Then Nathaniel came over and started taking smack, so Kelly tore him up.

Anyway, that was fun.

We are taking it to The Condo during Thanksgiving, so I'll be playing that again.
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Well, it has finally shipped.  I have been using the Beta 2 version for a few months now, and it is great.  Now, I just need to figure out how to get VS 2008 Professional for free.  I got 2005 Pro for free about a year ago (by taking an online class), but I never installed it because VS 2008 Betas started coming out.

Oh well.  The Express version are still free, and they work fine for what I do.
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SQL Server uses four part names, for example: server.database.user.table.  Nine times out of ten, you just use the table name, but sometimes you use the database name.  I was just doing something that required using the server name as well.

I was trying to reconcile configuration between a local and remote server.  While I set this up, please keep in mind that you cannot alias a table when using an UPDATE statement.  Here is basically what I was doing:

UPDATE remoteSvr.productDB.dbo.config
SET value = (SELECT value FROM config as local WHERE =

This would throw the following error:

The number name 'remoteSvr.productDB.dbo.config' contains more than the maximum number of prefixes. The maximum is 3.

Which is terribly cryptic -- especially "number name"... what is that?

The problem is that SQL server expects a four-part name (which means only three periods).  Trying to reference the outer table in the sub-select statement is causing the problem:  Notice that including the column name (".name") makes it a five-part name.  However, you must include this otherwise it cannot make a valid reference.

If you could just alias the remote database table, you would be fine.  You can do this in a SELECT statement:

SELECT FROM remoteSvr.productDB.dbo.config as remotedb

But, you cannot do this (in the same way) in the UPDATE statement.  Anyway, there is an easy way around this.  Using a little-known predicate in the UPDATE statement will allow you to alias the table.

UPDATE remotedb
SET value = (SELECT value FROM config AS local WHERE =
FROM remoteSvr.productDB.dbo.config as remotedb

And there you have it.  Using the FROM predicate in the UPDATE statement will allow you to alias the remote table, and therefore, when you reference the column name, you don't exceed the four-part name rule.
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Bug Heddinger was talking about various hiring issues.  I am posting this because people are always talking about discrimination.  I just wanted to post the actual list.

Under federal law, employers cannot discriminate based the following:

National Origin
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Global warming?!  I had to wear a long-sleeve shirt today.

I don't usually have to put one on until Thanksgiving.  In fact, last year, I didn't buy any long sleeve shirts until the day after.

Thanks for that Dubya.
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Wow, it has been too long since I posted last.  I see that there are none up.  That is embarrassing.

Oh well.

On my way into work, one of the new high-rise buildings was on fire.  I guess the top 5 floors were filled with smoke.  I couldn't actually see any flames, but there must have been something massive going on inside.  There was a lot of smoke.

Since I came in from the south, I was able to clearly see the smoke coming out.  I felt bad for people coming in from the north, because all they saw was some smoke and haze coming from the cluster of tall buildings (they would be facing the sun, which made it even harder to really see what was actually going on).  I bet some people thought about 9/11.

Oddly enough, it was like 8:30 when I drove by, and I still have not heard nor seen anything on 540 or any of the news websites... lets go news people!

Update: The name of the building is DynaTech Center.

Update 2: The fire was in the elevator shaft.  I still cannot find a news article about it.  I smell a coverup (even though I cannot smell).
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For those of you not familiar with the Internet Archive Wayback Machine, you should check it out.  It is kind of like Google Cache, except that it allows you to access indexes by date going way back.  There are entires from 1996 (at least, that is as far back as I can remember it going).  Here is the first version of Microsoft's website that is recorded: October 20, 1996.

Anyway, Hillsborough PA needed me to "put back" a banner that they had me put up late last year.  I should have just commented it out, but I removed it for some reason.

Rather than have to look stupid by asking where it was *exactly* and what color and size it was, I just went to the wayback machine for March of this year (when the banner was still up), and grabbed the code.

Turns out that we used the banner space for another item between March (when it was removed) and now, which is why it wasn't there anymore.
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Be sure to check out  This is a site that a friend and I are going to start.

If you see any ads that interest you, feel free to click on them: anniversary ideas, great gift reminders.
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I rarely use cursors because they are incredibly slow.  SQL Server is designed on set theory, so it works best on a set of data.  Cursors are used like a loop in standard programming.  Rather than telling the server to do X on all of this data Y, cursors tell it to do X over and over again on Y[n].

However, sometimes you just need to use a cursor.  I had to append some text to a field 25,000 times to build up a string.  Because of the way the data was situated, I could not write a SQL statement to update it.

So, using a cursor, I ran the same transformation 25,000 times.  It was quite slow.  However, I noticed that each time it looped, it executed the SQL.  This is bad.  Committing a transaction is expensive.

By prefixing my procedure with "BEGIN TRANSACTION" and suffixing it with "COMMIT TRANSACTION" I told the SQL server to commit all of the changes at once.

Sure, it fills the transaction log, but that is what it is for.  Now, rather than taking 5 minutes to run the process, it takes a several seconds (but still, a few seconds more than it would have if it were just a complex SQL statement without cursors).

Also, it was only 25,000 for this set of data.  This procedure will need to be run over two dozen times on sets much larger than this, so optimizing this now saves a lot of time over the long haul.
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How many apostles are there?  First, we need to review what the word apostle means.

"Apostle" comes from the Greek word Άπόστολος.  This comes from "two greek words": απω meaning "out of" and στολος which actually means "fleet".

So, it is someone who is sent out.  It is a messenger, closely akin to angel.

Anyway, there are different types of apostles.  Technically, we are all apostles, sent out into the world to being the message of the Good News.  However, there are obviously special men who are (capital "A") Apostles.  These men are foundational to the church.

So, how many were there?

Standard answer: either 11 or 12, depending on if you count Judas Iscariot.

More thoughtful answer: either 12 or 13, remembering Matthias (13 if you still count Judas).

I should now say that I was on the fence as to whether Judas can currently be considered an apostle, even though he betrayed Christ.  He was one, and he sinned, did he cease to be one?  After reading the Matthias account more closely, it said that they needed a replacement for his office.  Therefore it seems that his office was vacant, the only way it could be vacant is if he no longer fulfilled it.  They didn't replace other Apostles after their deaths, their offices weren't vacant.  So, I am going to assume that Judas does not presently count as an apostle, Matthias is his replacement.

A quite thoughtful answer: 13, discounting Judas, but including Paul and Matthias.

That is where people usually stop.  But the teacher of the Ephesians class on Wednesday night pointed out there are more...

James, the half brother of Jesus and the writer of the book bearing his name, was one.  He is an apostle equated with the others.

Barnabas, Paul's co-missionary, is designated as an apostle equal to Paul in Acts 14:4 and 14.  In verse 4, he and Paul are referred to as "the apostles".

This brings us to 15: Peter (Simon), Andrew (Peter's brother), James and John (sons of Zebedee), Philip, Bartholomew (Nathanael from John?), Thomas (Didymus), James (son of Alphaeus), Matthew (Levi), Simon (the Zealot), Judas (not Iscariot, perhaps "Jude", perhaps "Thaddeus", appearently there is confusion here), Matthias, Paul, James, and Barnabas.

Were Andronicus and Junia apostles?  Romans 16:7 says that they were "of note among the Apostles".  Does this mean that they were Apostles themselves, or that the Apostles noted them?

My feeling on this is that the Apostles noted them (highly).

However, you cannot deny the fact that the word "noted" is επισημοι, which is the same word as "epistle" or "letter".  Epistle seems to have a connotation closer to being noted in a written list, rather than noted by people in a group.  So, it could seem that they were noted on the list of Apostles.  I am not sure about this.
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I received the error:

Error : AcquireConnection call to the connection manager <dbserver>.<db> failed with error code 0xC0202009

This was mostly relating to my OleDb (OLE DB) connections.  Turns out that the password was wrong for the username that I was using.  Changing the password immediately cleared up the issue.

Keywords: MSSQL OLEDB Ole Db SSIS DTS Visual Studio 2005, 2008 Microsoft Sql Server.
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I tested my typing speed today at  I typed 230 words for a speed on 76.6 wpm with an accuracy of 96.5%.

It says that if you type over 45 wpm, you are doing well.

I think that if I took the average of three tries it would be a little lower, but who knows.

I tried it a second time and I thought I did much worse, but I actually did better: 82.8 wpm with an accuracy of 98.8%.

So my average over two is 79.7 wpm @ 97.7 accuracy.

Old school type testers would dock you every time you press the backspace key.  This only appears to doc you if you leave the word wrong and continue.  As long as you correct it before the time runs out, it counts it as accurate (but your overall wpm goes down because you didn't spend the time working on other words).
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In, there is this useful construct:

Public Property DbDictionary(key As String) as String
          Return _internalDictionary(key)
     End Get
     Set (ByVal value As String)
          _internalDictionary(key) = value
     End Set
End Property

Which will allow you set the index (or key) for a Dictionary object.  This is just one example, but it is very useful.

In C#, this is not available.  It appears that the only workaround is thus:

public string this[string key] {
     get {
          return _internalDictionary(key);
     set {
          _internalDictionary(key) = value;

However, notice the this variable.  This method actually sets what calls a Default Property, so you can only have one of them per class (or multiple if you vary the signature).

This is dumb.
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Mandy and I went to Historic Bok Gardens down in Lake Wales for Labor Day.  It was cool.  Lots of flowers and green stuff... oh, there is a tower there too.

It is actually built on the highest point in peninsular Florida (as opposed to Britton Hill in the panhandle which is 50ft higher).  The tower is about 200 feet tall and has a carillon bell set which is neat.  Not only can you not go to the top of the tower and see the countryside, you cannot even go into it (unless you are a "member").  Members can go inside the main floor, which is a library, and see the keyboard which operates the bells.  The keyboard is actually a set of paddles that you strike with your fist (and stomp down on with your feet).

Also, there is a 20-room mansion on the grounds which was not originally part of the property but was purchased in the 70's to add to the attraction.  It is a neat place, built by a wealthy industrialist in the 1930's.  One of the funniest things is that the main room has a set of high double-doors leading off from it.  They look like they lead to a big important room (one guy on the tour guessed the library, Amanda and I figured it was the living room).  When you open them, you see that they go to two rooms.  The doorways themselves are standard height (only the doors were tall, they covered the wall over the doorway), one leads to the bathroom, and the other goes to the butler's pantry (basically an ante-room to the kitchen which contains dishes and sinks).

Amanda and I walked around for a few hours, but it was just too hot to hang out.  During Christmas they decorate the place (and the mansion), and the bells are played live (rather than having a machine play them automatically).  I think we will go there then.

Also, I love water fountains, so my favorite part was the entryway to the grounds.  It is a long fountain with a pool at the head, and two flumes that run about 50 ft down to another pool.  Inside this square area are flowers and plants.  And the entire thing was tiled.  Very pretty.

It is only an hour and a half from the Orlando area, and it is $10 per person.  They have a cafe there with decently priced items, so you could have lunch there.  I highly recommend it.
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I was adding a new feature to one of our websites with Visual Web Developer 2008.  I noticed (and have noticed this for a long time) that there were two requests coming though, so when I stepped though the code it would jump (because I am essentially debugging two threads).  This probably has something to do with the AutoEventWireup attribute.

Anyway, I figured I would load it up in the bigger Visual Studio 2008 IDE.  It has a better debugger, and lets you debug native code as well.

I got nowhere with it (and didn't really have time to deal with it), so I closed it out and started VWD back up.  Suddenly, everything went wrong.  It took the site multiple tens of seconds to compile (it usually takes about 1), and when it hit a breakpoint it would take about 5 seconds to single step.

Needless to say, it was annoying.  To make matters worse, I couldn't find anything online to help me out.

I have had trouble before with loading a project in VS and then trying to load it in VWD (refer to my EE post: Unable to Debug), VS2008 adds settings that aren't supported in the lighter version.

So, I thought that was the problem.  But to confound the issue, I had used Task Manager eariler to forcibly close a process that is used by .NET for ClickOnce, so I couldn't really be sure exactly what I did to break my website.

I closed the IDE and restarted my computer, no change.
I deleted the website compiled code from the C:\Windows\Microsoft.NET\Framework\v2.0.5727\Temporary ASP.NET Files directory.
I deleted the solution directory from My Documents.
I took the drastic step of running devenv /resetSettings, which I hate doing because then I have to set my environment up again.

Other sites that are based on the same codebase ran fine, just this one site.

After a few hours of trying stuff (and researching the problem), I noticed that it sat at the "Validating Web Site" message for a while (while the IDE was hung).  I got the bright idea of running ProcMon, and Lo and Behold, it was enumerating every file in the website's subdirectories.

Normally this wouldn't be a problem, but a few days ago I happened to load building image data for this county... that was several pictures of every single property in that county, several GB worth.  So, needless to say it was taking a while to check all that (for compilable files no doubt).

I moved that directory out of the website directory, restarted the IDE, and it ran fine and fast.

I can *understand* why it would take a while to compile... but I don't know why it would take several seconds to single step the code.
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I have finally achieved the rank of Master in JavaScript on Expert's Exchange.  My shirt is in the mail.

It took me nearly a month just to get the last 10K points.

Profile Page.
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I have finally achieved the rank of Master in JavaScript on Expert's Exchange.  My shirt is in the mail.

It took me nearly a month just to get the last 10K points.

[]Profile Page[/url].
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Ever need Excel to alternate colors for each row to make it easier to distingush rows?  I often do, I usually just click every other row and change the background.  But... shouldn't Excel do this for me?

Excel doesn't make it obvious on how to do this, but there is a pretty easy way.

It is detailed at  The key is to select the rows you want to color, then choose Format -> Conditional Formatting.  In the box, choose "Formula" and enter the following:


Then click the "Format" button and choose the format for the alternate cells.

Also, lets say you only want to apply the banding if the row has data (so blank rows don't get a color).


The $A1 in there will make it always check the Column A for the current row.
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Amanda got me a set of rare-earth magnets and a 11 hour DVD documentary on the space program (though, the real gift is having to watch them with me).  Both are things I really wanted.

Also, we went to Red Lobster and she endured me eating crab legs in front of her.

On the way home, we stopped by Barnes and Noble and I used some gift cards I got for Christmas to buy "Teach Yourself Electricity and Electronics".  Hopefully that will help me with my latest big project: building a CPU.
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Today is the 25th anniversary of my birth day.  My brother-in-law, Wayne, and I have a party on the same day (because we are less than a week apart).

I got cash from Amanda's Grandma.
I "got" The Count of Monte Cristo from Amanda's parents.
I got a big (4 D cells) MagLite from the Johnsons.
So far, Amanda got me a 3.75lb bag of Jolly Ranchers.

I don't know what else Amanda got me yet.
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It is amazing how complicated some topics are.  It is also amazing how little we actually know about the role and history of the church.

My wife and I are fortunate to have a bible college education, it enables us to answer these questions more thoroughly than others, but I still feel like I don't know enough.

Here are some questions we asked students during group time on Wednesday night:

1. What is the church?

2. In what ways are we like the early church?

3. What are some things the church does today that would confuse the first Christians?

4. How would you guess the American church is different from churches in other countries?

5. Why did Jesus make the church?

How would you answer these questions?

One of my big "crusades" is getting people to understand the role and purpose of the church.  I define the church as the gathering of believers.  Some people feel that it is "the church"'s job to evangelize.  They feel that our Sunday morning service needs to focus on getting people to Christ.

I feel that this desire is misplaced...  the church's job is to edify, equip, and strength believers.  It is believer's job to evangelize.

I think that if our churches focused more on discipleship, Christian education, and benevolence, it would go a long way to helping Christians (not "the church") reach our communities.

(The importance of Christian education is another one of my big things, I am sad to hear that many churches are doing away with Sunday School [and not replacing it with another form of education].)
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I am happy to announce that Levy County's Property Appraiser website went live last Monday (August 13th, 2007) without any problems whatsoever.  Unlike the Polk PA's website, which I simply wrote the code for, this site was designed by me.

Their GIS site will be coming online soon as well.

This is only my second website deployment since starting here, but I have several more in the hopper that should go live in the next months.
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Just beat me to it.  On Aug 17, 1982, Philips released the first CD.  Back when the largest consumer harddrive were tens of megs, and most computers barely had 512KB of RAM, this disc could hold an incredible 640MB... that was probably enough to hold all the data on all the floppy discs of everyone you knew.

I wasn't alive when they were first released, but do remember when they started using them for computers.  The librarian showed us one of these new fangled things that held the Encarta Encyclopedia when I was in 4th grade.

Also, a few of my rich classmates had portable CD players that they took with them on field trips.

From cassette to CD to solid state storage (which could hold hundreds of CDs), we sure have come a long way in reliably storage large amounts of information.
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When we went to Georgia to escape Hurricane Frances (and ended up coming back just before the storm hit), Wayne and I purchased a box of "M-80" firecrackers.  These are your run-of-the-mill firecracker which are red, about one inch long, and have a fuse coming out the end.  They were loud and I liked them.

I always figured that they were the legal limit, because I had never seen anything larger (and we had to buy them in Georgia).

On the way back from CIY, in Florida, I saw a place selling "M-1000s".  I just had to buy them... if an M-80 was so great, surely an M-1000 would be amazing.  I actually have not set one off yet, because I was afraid that doing so in a residential area would cause alarm.

Well, the joke is on me I guess.

There is a such thing as an M-80.  They were popular in the 60's and 70's, and contain 3 grams of explosive power.  They are extreemely powerful, easily taking off a few fingers (they were used to simulate gunfire in the military).

They are also very illegal, have been for decades.  Federal law states that an explosive device for general consumer use cannot exceed 50 milligrams of pyrotechnic powder.

So, the "M-80s" that I bought are not M-80s at all.  And the "M-1000s" are probably exactly the same as the "M-80s" I used to have.  Perfectly legal, and quite powerless (although, they will blow a small hole in a plastic bottle).
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I cannot believe it has been 3 years since Hurricane Charley.  My distinct memory is of moving tree branches from one big pile (where we initally put them after cutting them off my house) to another bigger pile so that they could be burned.  The pile is still there (so is the other pile that was created when we first moved into that house).

It was about 100 degrees, and I just walked from one pile to the other over and over until I thought I would pass out.

I also remember driving down Kissimmee Park road at midnight and driving over powerlines and going around whole trees in the road.  When we finally got within 1 mile of our house, there was a tree trunk across the road, so we had to walk the rest of the way.

The huge pecan tree next to our house didn't fall (gratefully, if the roots had been uplifted, that alone would have knocked the house off the foundation), but all of its branches were twisted and had been blown down onto the house.

I walked in, saw that all the windows were intact and the ceiling was still up, and walked out.

What amazed me most though, was how little destruction there was compared to what could have happened... there were so many houses with trees down *between* them.  That tree could have easily fallen right on the house, but instead it fell where there was nothing at.  I saw that many, many times.  I was actually shocked at how well most places fared.

Also, there were only 10 deaths overall.

I thank God for keeping my family safe though that.  When I was young I wanted to experience a bad hurricane (be out of school for a week, stuff like that).  Now, I never want to do that again.
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We went and saw the Bourne Ultimatum on Saturday night.  It was a good movie.  Almost completely clean of sex/nudity and bad language, goes to show that a big time action movie does not need them.

I was very happen with the end, and we get a lot of answers.  I highly recommend it.

I could do without all the camera shaking though, but it is a cinematic element, so I guess it is important.
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Go To My Rec Page
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It is here... are you?
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I went as an adult sponsor with Southside Christian Church to the Tennessee 6 Christ In Youth conference at Lee University.

It was great.  The theme was "Ones: Because we were never meant to be alone." and it was incredible.

I will try to post more about it.

For extended rec, we did a service project at the local Boys and Girls Club.  Washing windows, cleaning up trash on the grounds, and just hanging out with the kids.

We went whitewater rafting on Friday.  We were supposed to go to a high-ropes course on Saturday, but it was rained out... so we went to a waterfall in the middle of nowhere.

There are photos of us rafting at  Not all of those are our group.  I think #10-20 are not us, all the rest are.
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My old employeer has a client that has a product that is pretty neat.  It is a large, rugged LED flashlight with a built in pepper spray "gun".  By pressing a button, it blasts a stream of pepper spray 20ft.

You can see a infomercial here.  I know it is an infomercial, but if it works even half way as protrayed, it is a great idea.  It costs $250 though.

But this makes me wonder... why not buy or make a bunch of pepper spray and load a super soaker.  I have seen an expensive one accurately hit (blast) someone from over 50ft away.  And it is a lot cheaper than $250.
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As I previously posted, I am getting a Master rank shirt from Experts Exchange.  Well, it finally arrived.  It is pretty neat.  Says "MASTER" on the back and has the Master logo on the sleeve.

Unfortunately, it is EE's colors, which happen to be Gator colors: blue and orange.

I am at around 100K, so I need another 50K to become Guru.  Also, I expected to be a JavaScript master by now, but I have only earned another 7K points in the last few weeks.
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In case you are ever curious, here is amap of St. Cloud city limits.

It is interesting to note the "Possible Ultimate City Limits."  Looks like St. Cloud intends to triple in size in the future.  All that area considers itself St. Cloud anyway, so I guess it isn't a big deal.
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My blood boils whenever I hear someone say, "I read Harry Potter and I am not a witch. Haha (hehe)."

It makes me sad when I hear a Christian say, "It is just fanasty."  Even sadder when they add, "Just like Lord of the Rings or Chronicles of Narnia."

Have I read it? No.

As Prof. Chambers says, "I don't need to swim in a cesspool to know that it stinks."

In the Sunday newspaper there was an article comparing Harry Potter to Star Wars or Star Trek, saying that if you think HP is harmful then you must think Star Wars or Star Trek is harmful... however, last time I checked, it isn't possible to build a photon torpedo or go into hyperspace.

However, it is possible to study and become heavily involved in the dark side of the spiritual realm.  Star Wars demonizes it, HP glorifies it.  Star Trek has no room for it.
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Is it just me, or is's design-time debugger much better than C#'s?

I don't get much debugging info at all until I rebuild the assembly.  Kinda stinks because I am used to getting error information immediately.
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Amanda and I went to Busch Gardens on Saturday.  We specifically wanted to ride Sheikra, which is now floorless and has no bar on the front.

This ride, as I have said before, takes you up 200 feet, puts you at a 90° angle, and holds you there for about 5 seconds before dropping you.

Sitting on the front is amazing (especially with no floor or bar), you just see the ground in front of you.
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I hope everyone has a fun, safe 4th of July.

We are bucking America, in general, and having tacos... mmm.

Don't blow up your hand with a firecracker, especially if you make your livelyhood by typing.

I am celebrating by changing the oil in my car.
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I am doing work for  A site that lets you create recommendations for books, professional services, restaurants, and much more.

You should check it out, http://www.recrocket/.

It is Fast Access to a World of Recommendations.
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Joshua Lenard Johnson was born on June 15, 2007 around 7:45AM.  He joins his three sisters and a brother.

Amanda and I babysat all the other kids while his parents were in the hospital.  It was fun.  Played Life a few times, went to St. Cloud's mini-water park.
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Today is Flag Day, which commemorates the adoption of the flag of the United States, which happened on this day in 1777.

The president is requested to make a proclaimation each year, but he doesn't have to.
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I have been participating on Experts Exchange for a little while now.  I have finally achived the rank of Master in Programming.  That is the lowest named level, so it isn't amazing or anything, but I had to answer a lot of questions to get to the required 50,000 points.

Next step: Guru (150,000 points).

I have 30,000 in JavaScript, so I will be getting Master there too soon.

You can see my profile page too.

I also get to ask unlimited questions now as long as I get at least 3,000 points per month (which is the equivilant of nailing two "hard" questions).
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Apparently there is some debate over how the acronym for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML is capitialized.

I was always taught, and this website agrees, that acronyms should be all uppercase.

This site takes issue with that because the site that coined the name uses "Ajax".

Now, according to Microsoft's website on capitialization of acronyms states that HTML is the correct way to write HyperText Markup Language, but then says that in code you would write it HtmlWriter or htmlWriter (based on if you are using Pascal case or Camel case).

Oh well, I think I will stick with AJAX.
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Apple has released a version of Safari that runs on Windows.  You can get it on Apple's website.

This is especially good for me for web development.  Typically I have been using Swift, which is terrible.  The UI doesn't work properly and it doesn't support any Javascript debugging, but it was the best I could get.

Now that the real version of Safari is out, I will be able to test my sites better.  I just hope that they work the same on Mac and Windows, so I can be sure that if it works propertly on my computer that it will work properly on all.
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A Canadian website is running a content to see who can get their web site to rank heighest for the terms "shopautodotca seocontest".

Raymond Chen doesn't like the spam he is getting.

So, he wants to win the contest.  In order to help, I will post a link to his site with the title shopautodotca seocontest.

That should do the trick (increase his PageRank a bit).

While you are at it, if you see anything interesting in the ad bar, click on it.
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Silverlight is Microsoft's flash killer.

They are not off to a good start as far as I am concerned.  I ran the installer from the website and got an error message.  This is bad enough, but look at their instructions for fixing it:  Wow, command prompt!

I know it is only beta, but they should get the installer right.  I hope they don't expect me to manually uninstall this when the full version comes out.
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You have got to check this out

I don't remember what the middle video was titled, but it is amazing.  Someday (soon?) we will be doing this.
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Josh Van Tassel (brother-in-law and friend) graduated from Florida Christian College on Friday, May 4, 2007.  Congratulations!  He was also hired as full time youth minister at Southside Christian Church.

Both speakers, David Peters (new apologetics professor) and Josh McGrew (class orator), did an excellent job, probably the best I have heard at a graduation ceremony.  Hearing Dr. Peters speak made me wish I could take some classes with him--although nobody could replace Professor Chambers.

Josh's mom and Amanda hosted a graduation party at our house Sunday night.  Josh invited everybody that he knew, so it was packed.  We originally figured that people would just spill out into the backyard, and they did, until the torrential downpour started.  So we had over 50 people crammed into our house.  Luckily it let up and people went back outside.

We estimate that we had over 85 people come.
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Zachary Moye, my wife's cousin, graduated from Valencia College on May 5, 2007.  He received his high school diploma and an Associate of Arts degree at the same time.  He graduated summa cum laude with a 4.0 GPA.  He intends on going to UCF next semester and studying microbiology.

During his graduation party, I was given the great honor of being one of three people chosen to deliver a speech.  I wanted to keep it simple as new graduates are bombarded with speeches, most of which he will not remember.  My point was this: make God your best friend, and, as with all friendships, you have to talk and listen.  Do not forsake the study of the scriptures, and make time for prayer (1 Thess 5:17).  Also, cultivate relationships with strong Christian friends as they will keep him accountable.

Of course, I didn't say it that succiently, but I did my best.

Here's to you Zach, and remember, if you are mafia, kill me first!
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This video was shown at 2008 National New Church Conference.  I don't know anything about the conference; I found this info on a blog post by Arron Chambers.

The video is about men getting rabidly involved in church planting, and it includes some pretty sobering statistics on the state of the church and church plants.  Appearently, it was supposed to be shown and then DVDs were to be distributed.  However, after it was shown, some guy named Bill Hybel critized it for not speaking of women church planters.  The DVDs were not distributed.

You can see it here.  His call is for men to be good soldiers, and it is androcentric because he is relating it to Paul's admonition to Timothy.

But, it concerns me, what kind of person immediately notices that it doesn't speak of women, and then jumps to the conclusion that is is misogynistic?  I wonder what kind of theology he is selling?  Probably some form of high-tolerance garbage.  It is simply a fact that men are leaders in the church.  Women have a (huge) place in church planting, as a function of male leadership.  Why would he create a video calling women to effective church planting, when their best role can be supporting their husbands?  Towards the end of the video he lists several of the hardships that men face, many of which can be remedied by having a strong wife.
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I have been using the new Visual Studio 2008 Beta 1 for a few days now.  I like it a lot.  The JScript intellisense is a great addition.  Also, new language features such as anonymous types have already come in handy.  I tried the LINQ stuff, but I couldn't get it to do what I wanted it to do, so I gave up.  I will come back to it next time I see a use for it.

I have gotten many tips on the new features from Daniel Moth's blog.  Today he posted a feature that I would never have discovered but it going to be a great help: Transparent Intellisense.  Typically, when the intellisense window comes up, it covers everything under it (obviously).  This can be very annoying when you need to reference something on the lines below.  However, in the new version you can press the CTRL key and it will become transparent, very nice.

One annoying thing about the JScript intellisense is its very limited support for XML documentation.  It only supports the summary tag and a limited amount of the param tag.  Hopefully this will be extended in future versions.
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This is Visual Studio 2008.  The beta is out today, and I am very excited.  I am most interested in the JScript Intellisense support.  I have been playing around with in using March 2007 CTP on a virual machine, but it is a pain.

The express editions are out already, which surprises me, you can get them here.  Also, for the VSTS edition, you can download the VPC image here.  Have fun with that one though, you have to download a base image which is like 11 gigs.

Anyway, I am off to try it.
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Today marks two years since my first post in April 2005.

What has happened in the last year?

My nephew Levy was born.

Made it to Level 60 in World of Warcraft, which I don't play anymore.

I turned 24.

I started using Internet Explorer 7 about 8 months ago; I am happy with it.

I went to Texas after Christmas.  I posted several Christmas-related things, but the server went offline and I lost them.  I also lost my Greek parser, but it is back online.  So I can write Χρίστος in Greek.

The Polk County Property Appraiser's website finally went live.  I am especially proud of the GIS site.

Last year, I posted A Year in Blogging.  Here are a few updates:

Palm trees are looking great; I have to get out there and clip the brown fronds though.

My wife's grandma moved to Texas in July last year.

The students in my small group moved up.  I am with the same people, but they are in 10th and 11th grade now.
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Sunday, during the early morning, Jesus defeated death and was resurrected.

Matthew 28:2: "And behold, a severe earthquake had occurred, for an angel of the Lord descended from heaven and came and rolled away the stone and sat upon it.  And his appearance was like lightning, and his clothing as white as snow.  The guards shook for fear of him and became like dead men."

Did Jesus arise during the earthquake?  Perhaps, earthquakes often signify divine interaction.  However, the purpose of the angel rolling away the stone was not to free Jesus, it was to let witnesses see the (mostly) empty tomb.  Note that the tomb was not technically empty, and this is important.  The cloth that Jesus was wrapped in was still there, as was the head napkin (it was folded up).  Grave robbers would not have taken the time to remove the cloth, nor fold the napkin.

It is interesting that the greek word for "rolled back" is αποκυλιο which implies moving something "far" away from its original location.

The guards fled, they probably thought that the angel (coming down like lightning and clothing white as snow) was their god Zeus.  They watched him lift/roll a several ton stone a distance and get on it.  I would have fled too.

For these guards to flee, it would be a death sentence.  They went to the Jewish leaders because they held sway with the Roman government, the leaders told the guards to say that they were asleep and that they would take care of it.

Sorry if this post seems disjointed, I ate lunch between revisions...
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There is a Quake III Arena LAN party at my house tonight... sorry Joe.

Hope to play until the wee hours of the morning.  Last time Amanda watched Gone with the Wind and played Mario Lost Levels on the SNES... not sure what she will do this time.  Maybe I can get her to play some Quake.
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Sometime after 6:00pm the Jews go to Pilate and ask for a guard.  (Matthew 27:65).

While the English word "guard" here is vague (is it Jewish Temple Guard, or Roman Guard), the Greek is extraordinarily clear, and wonderful.  The word is κουστωδιαν, this is a Roman Guard.  However, it isn't just any Roman guard.  They were the guard unit of the Roman Legion, this unit is considered the greatest offensive and defensive fighting machine ever conceived.  There were several of these guard units throughout the Roman empire, governors has one, the emperor had one, and anything that the emperor wanted protected (or brought to him safely) was assigned one.

A military historian, Flavius Vegitius Renatus, wrote a manual to the Roman Emperor Valentinian, telling him to instill the methods of warfare used by the Romans during the time of Christ.  You might have heard of the book, it is called The Military Institutes of the Romans and is a classic.

The Roman guard unit was a 16-man security force.  Each man was trained to protect six feet of ground.  They formed a square, and were able to defend the ground they stood on against an entire battalion (that is about 800-1200 men).  Four men were placed immediately in front of what they were to protect, the other 12 did whatever (slept, ate, played cards) in a semi-circle in front of them, but they were still battle ready.  Every four hours another unit of 4 was awakened to take their place.  They did this around the clock.  If anyone approached, all 16 stood up and killed anything in range, no questions asked.

They were to guard with their life anything owned by Cesear.  Since a seal was placed on the tomb, this is what they were to protect.  It is a death penalty to break the seal.

In all of recorded history, the custodian has never been defeated, save once.  Come back Sunday for... the rest of the story.
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Friday night, just before 6:00pm.

In order to remain ritually clean, Joseph and Nichodemus request Jesus' body.  They are granted it and they take it away.  It is important to note that a "certificate of death" was required for all executed people.  This would have been no different.  It would cost a soldier his life to sign the certificate if the person was not dead.  This also seriously brings into question the swoon theory.  Romans weren't stupid, they knew when someone was dead.

It was a hasty burial; they had to be finished by 6:00.  This is why the women were returning on Sunday morning... to finish the process.
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You cannot use regsvr32.exe to register a COM object that was created using .NET (It is possible to create COM objects in .NET, btw).

I do not know what happens if you try; I skipped that blunder.

You use the regasm.exe program, which mimics certain required COM functionality and registers the dll file.  However, if you just run regasm.exe ASPemail.dll it will say that it worked, but when you try and actually instantiate it in ASP, it will fail:

Server object error 'ASP 0177:80070002'
Server.CreateObject Failed
/<path>/<aspfile.asp><line #>

The call to Server.CreateObject failed.

You are missing a critical switch, codebase.  I don't know exactly what it does, but it fixes the problem.  Just run: regasm.exe ASPemail.dll /codebase and try it again.

This assumes that you are calling the correct ProgID, you can set that as an attribute on your class, or you can just let the compiler set it for you (it will be Namespace.AssemblyName).
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Sometime after 3:00pm, but before 6:00pm, the condemned's legs were to be broken.  This was commonly used to speed up the process, it makes it much harder for the person to lift himself up for breath.  Jesus was already dead, so his legs were not broken (this is a fulfullment of scripture in Psalm 34:20).

Jesus' side is pierced and it brings forth a flow of blood and water.  Apparently, this is what happens.  It is hard to explain medically, but it is a documented occurence.
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Around 3:00pm (the ninth hour): Jesus cries out to the father, "My God, My God, why have You forsaken me?"

"Jesus knew that everything was now finished, and to fulfull the Scriptures he said, 'I am thirsty.'  A jar of sour wine was sitting there, so they soaked a sponge in it, put it on a hyssop branch, and held it up to his lips."

When he had tasted it, he said, "It is finished!" (John 19:30).

Luke 23:46: "Jesus called out with a loud voice, 'Father, into your hands I commit my spirit.'  When he had said this, he breathed his last."

Thus, the Lord took upon himself my sin.  I was doomed to live an eternity separated from God, but God himself, because he loved me, died so that I might live.

Immediately, there was an earthquake, and the temple curtain was torn in two.  Matthew reports that the tombs were opened.

The centurion was impressed not only by the earthquakes and following events, but also that Jesus cried in a loud voice.  People who were crucified died from exhaustion and asphyxiation (the soldiers would know this), just before Jesus gave up his Spirit he cried out.  It is obvious that his life was not taken from him.
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The sixth hour is 12:00pm.  At this time darkness covers the whole land until "the ninth hour" which is 3:00pm
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Jesus talks to the criminals.

Jesus hands responsibility for Mary over to John.  Jesus' brothers are not believers at this time, so it would have been inappropriate for him to entrust her to them.  John is the youngest apostle (he lives past AD70).
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The third hour is 9:00am, Jesus is crucified at this time (Mark 15:25).
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Jesus is lead to Golgotha.  Crown of thorns is placed on his head, and his garments are divided. 8:00 am
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Jesus returned to Pilate, he is beaten, then he is sentenced to death. 7:00 am
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Jesus stands trial before Pilate, he finds nothing wrong with him.  He sends him to Herod upon hearing that he is Galilean.
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Jesus was arrested during the night, he went through three illegal trials before the break of dawn.

Annas (former high priest, father-in-law of current one).
Caiaphas (current high priest) and the Sanhedrin
(Aside: Peter denies him around now.)

They tear their garments and want to kill him, but cannot due to Roman law.
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Around 1,980 years ago the Last Supper started about now. 6:00pm

He will go to the Garden of Gethsemane sometime in the next few hours.
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If you receive this error using the System.Net.Mail.SmtpClient class, it is almost always a firewall issue.

It is easy to check if Windows Firewall is blocking it, just turn it off and try it.  However, there is often an overlooked issue.  Modern virus scanners will block network traffic.  So, if you get this, please make sure that your server's virus scanner isn't blocking outgoing traffic on port 25.
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My previous review of iClip4's website has enabled me to aquire a free copy of the iClip4 software product.

However, I don't have a Mac.

Unfortunately, I was not selected to be a winner overrall, which is very suprising, especially since my review was largely (wholly?) negative.
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Go to this website in IE6+:

The people who run this site are absolute morons. I cannot access it in IE7, rather they insult me.

I hope they don't intend to sell any of their software. I wouldn't buy it simply because they treat me like a idiot.  They could be gracious like most of their kind and say, "You are using Internet Explorer, and are therefore stupid.  You are too stupid to know that there is a better browser at  However, if you want to wallow in your stupidity, click here to see the site anyway."  But no, they just leave you out.

I bet this site is run by a bunch of leftists (and I am serious). They are all for "openness" and "equal access" but don't you dare go there unless you pander to their counter-culture viewpoint (ie, you must use a browser other than IE, because IE is made by Micro$oft and is therefore evil... forget that they could make the website render properly in IE7 with little work, I know this from experience (
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Well the Polk County Property Appraiser website is finally up.  I didn't do the design work, I built the "Property Search" and "Map Search" sections.

Take a look, let me know if you have any problems (especially those of you with exotic browsers).  The main site is an 2.0 application, and the GIS site (map search) is a Javascript/AJAX application running against and ArcIMS.

They host it on a 64-bit machine, which is nice.  Now that this is off my plate I can move on to the other five projects I have going.
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I heard a few seconds of it on the radio today, and found this funny video of President George W. Bush singing Sunday, Bloody Sunday (the U2 song about Bloody Sunday)
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So, I finally replaced my old mailbox.  It was an eye sore.  Nathaniel (son of previous owner) told me on Sunday that he had hit it with the car several times.  I guess that explains why it was leaning at a 70° angle.

Mandy has wanted to replace it since me moved in, and we finally had the money, so we bought a new one.  It took me 20 minutes to dive the 3-foot stake into the ground, then, when we went to install the post, we realized that it was facing the wrong way.  Therefore, I had to dig it up and do it all over again.

It is installed now and is standing perfectly straight.  Probably one of the straightest mailboxes on our street (except for the brick one).  However, it is rotated on the Y-axis about 5 degrees.

Also, the door on the new mailbox stays shut, which is nice.  Our old one would open sometimes, and then rain would get in.  Moreover, since it was angled away from the street, the water would pool in it.
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Hooray!  It is Groundhog Day.

Not that it matters for people in Florida; it never gets too cold for long.

Anyway, if they see their shadow it is a clear day, which means winter is still hither.

If they don't see their shadow, then it means that it is cloudy, which signals moderate weather and the end of winter.

It isn't scientific, but that is how it works.

Groundhogs are suprisingly large.
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I have never thought about it.  I heard it on the radio today.

During half-time, millions of people are flushing the toilet at the exact same time.  Can you imagine the strain that must put on the sewers and water mains?

Local governments around the country are making sure their systems are ready for Sunday.

According to my research on Google, this is considered a myth... but I don't see how.  It makes sense to me.  Lot of people out there drinking soda and eating chicken wings.  Lot of people out there who don't want to get up until half-time.  That means a whole lot of water going into the system at the same time.
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The current minimum wage is $5.15.  They want to increase it to $7.25.  That is a 40% increase.

I wish I could vote myself a 40% increase in pay, which is to say, I wish I could vote myself into being 40% more valuable to my employer.

Also, while only 2% of all labors actually make minimum wage, when it is increased, it is going to scoop up everyone who makes up to 7.25.

How is this fair?  I don't know.  Consider this scenario:
Employee A starts working at Acme Hair Products 4 years ago at minimum wage, he is making 5.15.
He gets a promotion and a 10% raise every year, that is $.51, thus:
      Year 1: $5.66
      Year 2: $6.17
      Year 3: $6.68
      Year 4: $7.19
At the same moment that he reaches $7.19, two things happen.  1) Minimum wage goes up, 2) Employee B starts working at the same job that Employee A started at originally.

They both make $7.25, minimum wage.

Automatically, Employee A, with all his experience, is worth exactly the same as Employee B.

As employer, what do you do?  Do you give Employee A a 40% increase so that his "value" to the company increases at the same rate at which it was decreased (it was automatically cut by 40%).

If so, he now makes $10.15.

Or, do you "reset" his base to 7.25 and give him four $.51 raises?  That would give him only $9.29.

Now, 10.15 is only $.86 off from 9.29.  But what about all the other employees in the company... they should also have their relative "value" increased at the same rate.

Take an employee who makes $50,000/year.  That is $24.04/hour.  Increase that by 40% and you get $33.65/hour which is $70,000/year, $20,000 increase.

That is a pretty penny for the employer just because the government isn't happy with highschool students and unskilled labors making so little that they cannot buy iPods.

Maybe I am just too critical because I have never made minimum wage, nor do I know anyone who has.  Even Winn-Dixie (where I have worked) started their 15 year old baggers off at $.10 over minimum wage.  And all they did was goof around out in the parking lot.

My first job, doing Internet technical support, paid $7.15.  If this had happened while I worked there, I would have gotten moved up to $7.25, and I would have been paid the same as a bagger (not that there is anything wrong with bagging, I am just saying).

I have to throw in some Γρεεκ because it is φυν and I haven't had a chance to yet.
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What do birth pains have to do with Jesus's return?  Nothing really.

Every day I hear Brian Wright give a devotional on the radio.  It changes weekly.

I usually find his comments insightful, but this week's is about the return of Christ.  You can listen to it here.

He says, "Jesus told his disciples that the sign of his coming would be like birth pains."

He said that Jesus gave three signs:
      Many claiming to be the Messiah
      Wars and rumors of wars
      Increase of natural disasters

These are taken from Matthew 24.  I don't know why so many people get this verse wrong.  Reading the entire chapter and understanding the context (which is given to us) make it absolutely clear that he is not referring to his return.

Jesus says, "Do you see these things [referring to the temple]?  I tell you the truth, not one stone here will be left on another..."

Later, the disciples ask him, "When will this happen, and what will be the sign of your coming and the end of the age?"

Then Jesus tells them about the previous three signs and how some of them will die and others will need to flee Judea quickly.

Obviously he is talking about the destruction of Jerusalem, which happened... in AD70.  And it was just as he said, the temple was completely destroyed by the Romans.

Then he goes on to say that noone knows when he will return.

That is a far cry from Brian Wright's teaching, those signs are not about the return of Christ, they are about the destruction of Jerusalem.  The context makes it clear.  I have to wonder if he has even read the entire chapter.

Either way, this is a common misunderstanding.  I guess people just have a preoccupation with the end times and will take anything out of context in order to guess when it will happen.

Brian was right that we need to be always on guard... Jesus said that in this chapter.  So, don't look for wars or natural disasters, look at the next second.  "For as lightning that comes from the east is visible even in the west, so will be the coming of the Son of Man."
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Arron Chambers wrote on his blog that the Church of England will be using songs from U2 in an effort to boost congregations.  I cannot tell if Arron thinks it is a good thing, he is simply reporting it.

Also, I cannot tell if it is for the church service, or just for the Millennium Development Goals event (UN group seeking to cut world poverty in half).  Either way, the Bishop of Grantham said, "It is also very important that we continue to try and find ways of worshipping that are suprising, challenging, and fun."

Really, is that very important?  Who is the focus of worship?  Me?  It must be if it is important that worship be fun and suprising.  I am not saying that it cannot be fun to worship, it should be, but not because of what you are doing but rather because of who you are doing it for.  (Sorry for ending that sentence with a preposition).

Does it need to be suprising?  Who are you trying to suprise.  I'll give you a hint, whoever you are trying to suprise is the focus of what you are doing...  If I throw a suprise party for my wife, she is the focus.

God isn't suprised.

Anyway, Bono has stated clearly that the point for music (for him) is to glorify creation, not the Creator.

"We really [censored] that up, though. We really [censored] up our corner of the Christian market. I think carrying moral baggage is very dangerous for an artist. If you have a duty, it's to be true and not cover up the cracks. I love hymns and gospel music, but the idea of turning your music into a tool for evangelism is missing the point... Music is the language of the spirit anyway. Its first function is praise to creation." (Interview with Anthony Curtis first in Beliefnet 02/2001).  I agree that music isn't a tool of evangelism.  At least, I never see it used that way in the Bible.  However, I never see it used to praise creation, it always points back to the Creator.
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When my website went down after Christmas, I lost the Greek parser that I had written only a few days before.  Well, I have re-written it, and it is better.  Not only does the new one use a (slightly) better algorithm, it also supports accents on the vowels.

It still supports the terminal sigma, just as before.  And upper and lower case letters.


Isn't that cool.  I had to remap a few letters.  J is Θ (theta), Q is Ξ (Xi).  F is Φ (Phi), both C and X are Χ (Chi).

I originally wrote it so I could talk about how Xmas isn't taking Christ out... it is right there... in the front.  Don't you see it? Χρίτος is the word for Christ, and the first letter is the greek letter Χ.

Anyway, it is nice having it back.  Although I don't know Hebrew too well, I think I am going to go ahead and add a rudimentary Hebrew parser.  It will be a few weeks until I have it finished though.
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I have added some Google ads just because.

Click on one if you are so inclined, they are in the menu and at the bottom of the page.
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By the Republicans, who, I thought, hate free speech.

More information can be found on Slashdot.
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I spoke too soon when I implied that WinFX installed just fine (actually, I said the installer ran just fine, which was true).

Even after manually installing MSXML6.0, it still failed later in the process.  During the background installation of Windows Communications Foundation Beta 2.  I never did figure out what was going on.  I did a lot of research, and tried installing it manually (which worked) but I still couldn't get WinFX installed.

So, good luck to everyone else... I won't be joining you.
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I wanted to install the latest runtime so that I would be up with the times.  I installed .NET version 3.0 just fine, but when I went to install the WinFX runtime it would fail.

It would start downloading files, and immediately throw an error: "Setup could not download the necessary files."  It would also crash (throw an Watson error message).

I dug into the setup log file (Temp\dd_winfxinstall30.txt) and noticed towards the end that there were a bunch of "***ERRORLOG EVENT***" entries.  I followed them up until they stopped.

There was the problem.  It was trying to install the MSXML6.0 parser and failing because the file it was downloading was not signed by Microsoft (for some reason).  The installer deleted the newly downloaded file and crashed.

So, I figured that if the installer wouldn't handle it for me, I would do it myself.  The link it was using for the parser is  Just download that file and run it yourself.

After I did that, I was able to run the WinFX Runtime installer just fine.

There is also a dd_winfxerror30.txt file which says that it failed because the MSXML 6.0 Parser wasn't installed... but it didn't make sense when I first looked at it.  It didn't make sense until I saw that log saying that it couldn't install it.
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My web hosting provider suddenly went offline and I was not able to retrieve my files.  I have lost everything since I went to the new host (back in November).  So much for my Greek parser or my last 5 (or so) blog entries.

I also made some tweaks to the coloring, that is gone.

I also think I lost the "post-date" feature.
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I got into a small argument with someone on Slashdot today.

He took issue with someone saying that it is a scientific fact that an embryo is a living human organism.

I pointed out why I didn't think so, and he said he took issue with the use of the words "scientific fact". Not sure why. If evolutionists can say that evolution is a scientific fact without being able to use the scientific method to prove it (since most events took place long ago), then something that can be experiementally proven should rise to at least that same level.

Anyway, the thread is here.
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