I have worked out many of the mechanical kinks in the remote controlled lawnmower.  It is working well now, and I am able to mow my entire yard on a single charge.

Having the large caster wheels lets it move through the grass easily so I don't waste power forcing the wheels through the grass.  I also mowed very high grass last weekend.  If the lawn mower can cut the grass, the motors will push the mower through it.

There is one last problem: the chains fall off.  For some reason if I make a sudden stop or turn one of the chains will fall off.  Sometimes it unscrews the nut that holds the gear on the motor in the process and I lose it in the yard (luckily I have replacement nuts, and I haven't lost a gear yet).

I think the problem is with the main sprockets. I had to drill new holes in them to bolt them to the wheels, and I didn't do a good job.  The sprockets sort of wobble making the chain tighter and looser, the chain probably falls off if I do something drastic when the chain is loose.
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