Henry started sleeping through the night a few nights ago.  It is so nice.  Woke up at 7:15.
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Not much going on.  Henry is doing well, sleeping during the night and smiling a lot.

Robbie is running around like a maniac and climbing on the couch, something he should have been able to do over a year ago.  His therapy is really paying off.  His feeding/speech therapy isn't going as well.

Robbie doesn't mind Henry unless he is crying, then they are both crying.  It is a feedback loop: Henry's cries cause Robbie to cry (or run away), which in turn causes Henry to cry more.

I replaced the front caster wheels on my remote controllled lawnmower.  This forced to me extend the frame (so they wouldn't hit the lawnmower when they spin), and to raise the back end (so the frame is level).  Since I had to raise the back end, I have to make the chains longer.  I haven't gotten a chance to do this.  It is very time consuming to resize the chains.

There is a class on Udacity taught by a Stanford AI professor about how to build a robotic car.  I am going to try to implement his algorithms and turn my remote control lawnmower into an autonomous lawnmower.  This is way over my head, but it will be fun to try.
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