Sorry I haven't written much.  Amanda is less than one month from her due date.  We have a name in mind, but are going to wait until after he comes.

Robbie is doing well.  He is obviously very intelligent, but it is easy for forget because he is so far behind physically.  Right now we are working on chewing and jumping.  He runs like a madman now.  Pretty much his favorite activity is looking at books and poking stuff.  He can sit on the floor and study/poke a stuffed animal for like 10 minutes straight.  He also loves the sand.  I think he would play in the sandbox literally all day if we let him.
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I have three new blogs that I follow: - this guy is witty and very conservative.  I find this posts though provoking.  He hasn't written much lately. - This is Gene Veith's blog.  He wrote my second favorite book, "Postmodern Times".  His blog is mostly about current events, he copies and pastes from a site.  I find them insightful.  He also provides some commentary at the end.  He also discusses Lutheranism. - Micheal Behe wrote the book "Darwin's Black Box", which is a biochemist's analysis of the problems of darwinian thought when it comes to biomolecular components.  He is famous for the term "irreducible complexity".
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